Lebron James: Free Agency Odds - Odds on 2010 Team

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Lebron James: Free Agency Odds - Odds on 2010 Team

Las Vegas, Nevada (May 14, 2010) – Now that the Cavaliers have again been eliminated, speculation immediately begins on which team Lebron James will play for after the historic free agent class of 2010 settles. Rumors include teaming up with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and even Kobe Bryant! RJ Bell of Pregame.com provides you with the real odds:

Lebron James: Odds on 2010 Team – Free Agency Odds

Cleveland Cavs: 50% (1 to 1)
Chicago Bulls: 21% (7 to 2)
New York Knicks: 13% (6 to 1)
New Jersey Nets: 5% (20 to 1)
Any of other 23 teams not listed: 4% (25 to 1)
Miami Heat: 2.5% (40 to 1)
Dallas Mavs: 2.5% (40 to 1)
Los Angeles Clippers 2% (50 to 1)

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  • Odds upated on June 28 right here: http://bit.ly/aUOBEY

  • Good preview on some of the teams in the running:

    Chicago Bulls

    Could the Bulls be in the right place at the right time with assets in Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose ? They have no coach, so James could have his say in roster moves, as well. The Bulls have enough money and cache to lure another high-level player. The Bulls also have championship tradition, although playing under the shadow of Michael Jordan could be too much pressure for James, and its front office routinely being in disarray might not be attractive.

    New York Knicks

    The self-proclaimed "mecca" of basketball presents an allure, although the Knicks haven't been relevant in a decade. They can sign two players to max contracts, meaning James can bring Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire with him. He would need all the help he can get, because the rest of the Knicks lineup has little talent. He also can achieve the global icon status he desires. The pressure of having to win, though, will be enormous.

    New Jersey Nets

    The new owner is billionaire Russian Mikhail Prokhorov , who appears ready to win at all costs. Yes, the team currently stinks, but James' idol Jay-Z is a minority owner. Plus, the team plans to move to Brooklyn in two years. The Nets have enough money for two free agents, and can have the No. 1 pick in June's draft. The prospect of building a team's tradition, outside of anyone's shadow, could be tempting. However, who will coach is anyone's guess and James may not be patient enough to wait for a contender.

    L.A. Clippers

    What better move could there be but to upstage Kobe Bryant in his own city? A motivated Baron Davis is a leader, Chris Kaman , Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin is an underrated core. He would make the Clippers, who are tired of being the "other" tenants of Staples Center, instant contenders and he could pick his own coach. It's unlikely, since owner Donald Sterling is consistently inept, but it would be worth a visit.

  • 20-1 NJ wow !! I could make some  $$

  • I think Chicago is the best value on the board. If LeBron wants to WIN, he will go to Chicago with Noah and Rose. If LeBron wants MONEY, he will stay in Cleveland. LeBron has said he wants to become a billionaire.

    He will visit a bunch of teams in the offseason. They will wine and dine him. He didn't get to go on official recruiting visits as a high school player because no one bothered since he was going to the NBA. He's going to have a little fun.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed in Cleveland. It would be a bad decision. They are tied up for the next few years. If he couldn't get it done this year with this team, how can we think they will get it done next year? This team has never been good enough to win a championship. The Cavs made a bunch of moves this year to keep him, but it didn't work out. If they didn't make the moves and the Cavs fell short, then people would say "they had a chance to get Jamison and Shaq but they didn't." It was really lose-lose for the Cavs front office unless they won the title...

  • knicks... in my opinion

  • Although we hear KNICKS possibility is a little weaker, I'd say NYK at 6-1 is awfully good Value.  STILL WOULDN'T TAKE 1-1 Cavs ODDs,  Cle Windhourse (Cavs Beat Writer) is stating right now on NBA-TV, Cavs core has been proven to be weaker than even they'd expected, and 38-yr-old Shaq is Free Agent (didn't work anyway), & Older than avg group to accompany LJ, I'd say Knicks or even the 25-1 Odds Other as a decent flier, to say, Bobbies / Wiz / Sixers (LOVE to say Blazers..lol), or even LAL (stranger things have happened), but the 25-1 looks intriguing as longshot, since you'd have to think at least one Darkhourse will emerge in the process....even if breifly.

  • also covered by USA Today: http://bit.ly/aADmrA

  • This Pregame.com reporting covered by Forbes: http://bit.ly/9480qn

  • I kiinda like the MAVS

  • We have an answer! Awesome, I guess my idear was sorta right lol

  • pingback is outside site linking to a blog.


  • Good question Jimmy. I think it's when someone does something with Twitter to this page? Hell I donnu...


  • Wow, we can really get 1 to 1 odds on the team LeBron is going to stay with for next season? It's like free money after coming back from the future. LeBron will never leave the Cavs.