NFL Draft 2010: Tim Tibow Betting Odds

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NFL Draft 2010: Tim Tibow Betting Odds

Where will Tim Tibow be picked in the 2010 NFL Draft? Everyone has an opinion, but sportsbooks have made betting odds on where Tim Tibow will be drafted!

Where will Tim Tebow be drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft (betting odds):

1st Round 5 to 1 (20%)
2nd Round 3 to 1 (33%)
3rd Round 6 to 1 (17%)
4th Round 7 to 1 (14%)
5th Round 15 to 1 (7%)
6th Round 20 to 1 (5%)
7th Round 25 to 1 (4%)
Not Drafted 100 to 1 (1%)

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  • Tebow is going in the 1st Round. Those odds are at EVEN, and those are about to change as well.....

  • He's not at the Draft. That tells me He's Not gonna be drafted in the 1st round.

  • Odds on Tebow as of today:

    Thu 4/22

    409 Tim Tebow drafted in 1st rnd



    410 Tim Tebow not drafted in 1st rnd -240

  • I think it will either be in the 2nd or 3rd round because some team will be stupid enough to take him that early.