Pete Rose Girlfriend Kiana Kim: Playboy Pictures

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Pete Rose Girlfriend Kiana Kim: Playboy Pictures

Kiana Kim, better known as Pete Rose's girlfriend, appeared with the former MLB star on Howerd Stern's radio show. The talk centered on baseball gambling  - and 29-year old Playboy model Kiana Kim. (Vegas Runner might like that she's from Philly).

Here's a picture (what do you think?)

Maybe betting does pay?

  • from Deadspin:

    Rose and his Playboy-bound girlfriend did Howard Stern this morning. It wasn't pretty. They touched on Charlie Hustler's endowment, his stamina, and his semen-encrusted bedroom wall.

  • Haha, that's awesome...Pete Rose is the man.  If there were players like him still in the game who played hard, then baseball wouldn't suck so much.

  • They were on Howard STern this morning>>>>unreal

  • I'd like to slide head first into that!

  • Not bad.....Is Rose still at the Ceasers all the time? Doesnt he have a place out there? Guy loves to party no question.....was having drinks one night at the Cheesecake Factory and he was in there two sheets to the wind.....

  • I wish they would let the guy in the hall.

  • They don't call him Charlie Hustle for nothing!!