Tease Me Baby - Sports Betting for Dummies

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Tease Me Baby - Sports Betting for Dummies


Ok guys when it comes to sports betting I'm Old School I don't advise you play parlays or teasers but there is one time when I will make an exception to that rule in regards to teasers. The NFL presents some very good opportunites to make 2 team 7 point teasers. Using that full touchdown to move the line 7 points up or down creates solid winning opportunities.

The reason for this is that in the NFL the lines are the sharpest of any of the sports and using that extra 7 points can be present great betting situations. With teasers you hope the Vegas oddsmakers have done a very good job with the lines because if they have it makes your job so much easier. That concept was never more evident than this past Sunday October 17th when there was 13 NFL Games on the schedule meaning if betting teasers on just the game not the Over/Under there would be 26 possible teams to tease.

Knowing nothing about betting, nothing about football and for that matter nothing about teasers you had a 84.6% chance of winning on Sunday. That's right 84.% chance of winning because of the 26 teams playing on Sunday 22 of them were a winner if you used them in a 7 pt teaser. That's 22 of 26 no matter who you picked.

So if your ever going to bet Teasers do it in the NFL but with that said here are a few tips that will increase your winning percentage.


NEVER TAKE A SMALL FAVORITE and TURN THEM INTO A SMALL DOG (-3.5 to +3.5) although it seems inviting you are not getting the best value from your extra 7 points

ALWAYS BEST TO TAKE DOGS UP as by adding the the extra 7 points to the line you are taking the spread thru another score. Example by adding 7 points to +1.5 or higher now means it takes 2 Scores to beat you. Teasing teams up to over 10 and 14 points forces a blowout for you to lose. 

TAKE MARGINAL FAVORITES DOWN this is just the opposite of last situation. Teasing Favorites of -7 to -9.5 puts you in a situation where basically your team just has to win because even at -2.5 more games would fall on 3 than less than 3 so if you have the outright winner you will generally cash your bet.


Hope you find this useful in your Betting and make some extra cash with Teasers..

Good Luck!!


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  • When you look at teasing the totals in the 13 Games on Sunday you will find that out of the 26 possible totals teasers you would have gone 23-3 in teaser bets no matter which way you teased for a whooping 88% Winners...

  • And that picture is amazing.

  • I've been teasing the Lions all year and they haven't lost. You can also exploit poor lines due to public perception (which usually happens in the Lions case) if you know who side is getting too many (or too little) points against the spread. There are always teams that are undervalued and overvalued. When you can spot those teams/games and use them in a 7-point teaser, you are getting some great value. You have to be really, really wrong or have a crazy injury occur to lose.