How to turn $130 into 1.26 Million Dollars

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How to turn $130 into 1.26 Million Dollars

The World Series of Poker Main Event is done for now as the Final Table is set or as ESPN refers to them "The November Nine". The executives at ESPN have to be doing Cartwheels and high fives as this Final Table is a dream come true for ratings.

First the Final Table has Phil Ivey who is arguably the Best Player in Poker which will have everyone tuned in just to watch him play. But the big story is Darvin Moon and he can become as big a name as Chris Moneymaker. Many believe 2 things started the Poker Boom, the Movie Rounders and Chris Moneymaker.

Many pro players joke around when they say God Bless Chris Moneymaker because it was his run in the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event and eventual Win that made everyone want to play poker. You see Chris Moneymaker parlayed a $40 online tournament into a 2.5 Million Dollar Payday.

Darvin Moon has a chance to beat that feat as he is the Chip leader with nearly 59 million in chips but that's just the beginning of the story. Darvin Moon lives in Maryland and is a logger. He just started playing poker 3 years ago and was playing tournaments in local fire halls for a $35 Buy In. He drove to Wheeling WV and played in a $130 satellite and won his way into the Main Event. He is guaranteed 1.26 million which is 9th place money but Darvin, as do all of "The November Nine" have their eyes on the 8.5 Million Dollar first prize and the Bracelet.

With Ivey as the best player and Darvin Moon as the Cinderella Story this Final Table will bring high ratings for ESPN and many new players to the Game of Poker.

The Final Table begins on November 7th I can hardly wait. 

  • I'm rooting for Ivey, but that Moon guy, he has a stack too big to fail. There are two other guys with bog stacks too, so it will be a different FT compared to the last two editions of WSOP.


  • Ivey may be the best player there, no doubt...I say he does not win it.  It is a ratings bonanza for ESPN this Fall.