San Diego Charger Preview

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San Diego Charger Preview


The San Diego Chargers were the tale of two seasons in 2008. They sucked in the first half of the year and rallied to win the  AFC West on the final week of the season last year. So the question is which San Diego team shows up the first half team or the second half team in 2009?

I strongly feel we will see the second half team and here is why. Last year the Chargers started the season with turmoil they had injuries especially to the defense and they had a star running back in LaDainian Tomlinson who wasn't exactly happy coming into the season. Team mates questioned his toughness management hadn't made a contract commitment to him. There was a lot of negative vibes coming out of San Diego to start the season.

This year you don't have that as you have a team who made a fantastic season ending run who comes into 2009 healthy and happy. Rivers enters the year as healthy as he has been in his career. Gates and Merriman are heathy and Merriman was sorely missed on defense last year.

San Diego should run away with the AFC West this year because really who else is there? The Oakland Raiders were bad and still are bad. Kansas City is the only other team in division that should improve but are still a year or two away from contending.  That leaves the only other team that presented a problem for San Diego and that's the Denver Broncos who traded away their star QB Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton who Chicago gave up on. Granted the change of scenery may help Orton out but new QB, new head coach and you really can't expect too much from Denver thus handing the AFC Crown over to the Chargers on a silver platter.

From a Betting stand point I see tremendous value in Betting San Diego OVER 10 WINS for the season. The Chargers should rip right thru their division this year going 5-1 at worse leaving them having to go 5-5 to push the Bet and 6-4 to win the Bet. Going .500 with their out of division schedule shouldn't be a problem with games against Cleveland, Cincinnati, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami and Dallas. I think the Over 10 is a Solid Investment and I have already made this wager here in Las Vegas.

  • Thanks Marco, I should of read my post 1st before posting it.  Can't believe how bad I misspelled some of those

  • Great feed back Beast Mode

  • I like your bet on the Chargers winning over 10 games.  I see them having an 11-5 to a 12-4 season.  The Chargers playing the NFC East this season is going to be very exciting.

  • You also have to account for all the injuries suffered to the offensive line from the start of the season.  The OL and lack of experience of the FB and also injuries to LT is a reason why the running game was not as affective.  

    The 1st half of the season the Defense played terrible due to Merriman being out and also Cottrell running the in safe mode reyling too heavily on the Secondary to get interceptions, not realizing that a pressuring the oppsoing QB is how u set up the secondary for interceiptions.

    2nd half of the season Ron Rivera took over and they improved.  Now that he's had a full off season to work with the Charger Defense and the Return of Merriman and addition of English will make this defense a very aggressive one.  

    coming into this season, the offensive line is  healthy and the team in general are very healthy, which is the talk in the locker for the Chargers.  They have a tough schedule this season, but with so many star players entering there contract year, makes this Charger team a very dangerous team to play against.  It's going to be exciting to see how the Chargers bounce back this season.  Rivers had his best season as a starter last season and will look to build on it.  LT has a chip on his shoulder and will look to prove all the doubters wrong and Hester has put on weight and has 1 year under his belt as a FB.  Should see a very hunger team.