Charlie Sheen inks a new TV deal, making more money than EVER??

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Charlie Sheen inks a new TV deal, making more money than EVER??

 According to radar online Charlie Sheen has inked a new deal with Lionsgate television that will make him more money than ever. 


Click Here for the the link to the whole story. 

  • Glad to see this.

  • I agree Donkey, don't know how they are going to make it good without Sheen. I think Sheen will help in the back end of things too, so this show could be really good!

  • New show will be great if they can get some funny writers.  2 1/2 Men now will be like I Love Lucy without Lucille Ball.

  • I think his ego got a nice reality check with all this believe it or not and I know he came out firing at everyone, but since then he has been pretty low key and calmed way down. He is going to be an executive and creator of the show as well, so I think he knows he has to keep his cool. I will be tuning in for sure!

  • Should be interesting if this is true and he gets a new show, will be a must see at first, but it better be good if the show is to be successful.   But you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, and would not surprise me that we could be talking the same ol shit about sheen soon after the show starts and he lets his ego get in the way again.

  • Supposed to be just like 2 and a half men but more raunchy which is perfect for Sheen and TBS if they can grab him. I'm pumped too!

  • I was just reading about this and I'm so stoked! Two and a Half Men has been my favorite show for the last 8 years and Chuck Lorre ruined everything. Can't wait to see Charlie on this new show!