December, 2011

Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs
Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

Larry Ness

  • Bowl Preview Part II

    Seventy teams played in last year’s 35 bowls with only 8-4 Temple and 6-6 Western Michigan getting left out among bowl-eligible schools. This year’s bowl season again features 35 games and again, just two schools were left out of the mix among...
  • 2011-12 Bowl Season Preview (Part I)

    Boise State coach Chris Petersen unleashed his frustration with the BCS on Monday. His 11-1 Broncos finished No. 7 in the final BCS standings but were left out of all five of the BCS Bowls (national championship game plus the Fiesta, Orange, Rose and...