Ben Roethlisberger's Police Report

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Ben Roethlisberger's Police Report

Oh Ben Roethlisberger. Nothing like going from the favorite son of Pittsburgh to being the next Mike Tyson. It always baffled me on athletes when it came to ANYTHING from groping to the far end of the spectrum, rape. I have friends that are deadbeats who can go into a bar and pull a hot chick and a few hours later is watching the back of her head in his mom's ride. So here you have Ben Roethlisberger that probably could just walk into a bar with someone carrying a sign that says "NFL QB", "I PLAYED IN THE SUPER BOWL", etc had out tickets with #s and call them when it was their turn to be his play thing. Oh Ben Roethlisberger. Here is the Police Report from The Milledgeville Police Department:


  • I think it is easier to sell to the fans to dump him now for rebuilding reasons versus none of this happening. In a morbid way, it might benefit the franchise long term. If you dumped Ben otherwise and the person who comes in sucks right away, the booing and bring back ben shit could start. If he sucks now, kind of hard to say we should have left in the rapist as QB.

  • Dixon out of Oregon, Draft or trade

  • If they ditch Ben, who or what will be their options at QB?

  • I thought that Ben did have connections in the town though.  Wasn't he in tight with some of the police officers or something in the town?

  • D, I agree I know Ben is locked into and has a guarantee of $32million. Rooney's may think with Ben they have a chance. However, the only way I see Ben being salvageable is by winning a Superbowl.  How is that ever gonna happen now. One loss to a bad team or a piss poor performance by Ben and the Fans and media will come crashing down on Ben and "It's over!!"

    Take what you can get, Bradford D. Sou, fix the O line.  Use Dixon the way we used O'donnell.  End this chapter quick.

  • Also, does not help Ben's case due to his history of being a freak.

  • Evan...he has no connections in the town, but I bet you a dime to a dollar some cash was spread or I would be in prison.  I am sick of all these freakin NFL players, like Stallworth who basically got away with murder.....all just getting slapped on the wrist.  

    The amount of Justice in the United State Legal system is in direct correlation to the amount of money you are willing to pay to hire the best defense attorney avaliable..sad but True.

  • Evan, I heard the entire statement from the DA and he did the right thing.  Without physical evidence (DNA) , its very difficult to proceed with the case.

    Cb,  If I was the Rooneys, I would trade him.  With Holmes out of the picture, does this Steelers have a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl?  IMO, I don't think so.  If you don't have the talent to win it all, might as well start the rebuilding process again.

  • Wow, I guess he did do it then.  I'm surprised that the DA didn't go forward with the case.  I would think small town like that would like the publicity and a chance to get in the spotlight.  Something just doesn't seem right because it's pretty obvious that he did rape that girl especially with how soon they went to the police.  He must have some good connections in that town.

  • Trade him now, I'm a big time Steeler Fan, love them. But this action will permiate through the organization.  Did anyone listen to Colin Cowherd this morning? Jerrome Bettis was on the show and indicated that as you begin to look deeper into the accusation that have been made about Ben's Character the more that some pf the accusations take on a new relevance, although in the end he stook up for Ben.  I can't imagine him being able to lead the team.  Heinz has even questioned his integrity and character and toughness.  The locker room has to be divided, it has to be.  The Rooney family has a tough decision and I guess it is based on Principals. I'm seriously pissed that this is happening to one of the top notch organizations in the NFL. I wonder what the Hall of famers in this organization think about Ben?

  • As a life long Husker Fan, another reason to dislike Oklahoma!!  LOL

  • Hell in oklahoma it's rape if you have sex with a girl who has been drinking whether it was consensual or not.

  • Ben Roethlisberger in the Longest Yard II?

  • Rocked out with his cock out and got away with it.  The rest of us would be under indictment and in the jailhouse.  Just unreal.

    On top of all that- Big Ben is an idiot after reading this....

  • Wow.  I mean, wow.

    Add this to the stories heard about how those bodyguards prevented her friends from getting to her to help her, and I'm amazed that Ben gets away unscathed from this.