Does football suck this season or is it just me?

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Does football suck this season or is it just me?

First off, I am not referring to the horrible weekend I had with my selections or the fact I am under 50% in college football (still doing well in pro ball though). What I am ranting about is football overall this season for both the NFL and College. As I write this, this season has been going by very quicky in my opinon due to being one of the weakest starts to football in recent memory. Why? Well, let me count the ways:

1) Tom Brady. Say what you want about the Patriots, it was exciting to watch them every week and wonder if this could be the week they lose a game. Well, they did lose a game. You know, they were rolled by Super Bowl contending Miami Dolphins. Lame!

2) Dallas Cowboys. Every season you need those elite teams that everyone is gunning to take out. With the Brady injury mentioned above, the team to hold the gauntlet in the NFL was going to be the Romo led Cowboys. DOH! Here comes the mighty Washington Redskins to end that a few weeks into the season. SUPER LAME!

3) USC and Ohio State. People were hyping this game up since last season. Well, the hype ended a few minutes into the game when USC decided to convince the Buckeyes they were playing a Bowl Game against the SEC.

4) Georgia and Florida. Despite the tough SEC schedule, these two teams would end up battling USC or Oklahoma in the BCS Championship and dominate the season. Well, Florida goes down as a huge favorite and the Bulldogs get destroyed at home. YAWN.

5) Clemson. This is their year. Could play in the BCS Title? Well, I think Alabama is still scoring on them.

I could go on and one with disappointments and lackluster hyped up games. We are a few weeks in and there is not anything right now that has my interested peeked. To top that off, Tom Brady was my fantasy quarterback in my first season playing. Am I just being a baby or is this season, outside of Alabama's run, just a huge disappointment?

  • yeah that's one of the sexyest pics I' ever seen

  • I'm still looking at FSU girls........thinkin bout going back to college.........Obama says he will foot the bill,right?

  • Michigan Sucks, Lions Suck, Tigers Suck, Your CFB Plays Suck, Your Fantasy Football QB's Out (SUCKS)

    Yea, I can see why you got the Football Blues!

  • Your comment about the Cowboys is a little off. They lost to a tough division opponent. Most seasons in the NFL the best teams finish 13-3 or 12-4, you just got used to the Patriots and Colts making their long runs at perfect seasons. I like parity, makes it easier to win gambling.

  • Alabama is the only bright spot so far this season. Even my Lions which were supposed to finally have a solid year are yet to win and the offense is poopy.

  • I think Alabama is still scoring on Georgia too LOL

  • To top it off, I just read Kelso Sturgeon is like 80%! Is this BIZARRO WORLD or what?