Johnny Detroit's College Football Pick: Who is #1?

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Johnny Detroit's College Football Pick: Who is #1?

I know USC reloads and does not rebuild. I know Ohio State has almost the entire team back and will probably make a third straight trip to the BCS Title Game. But, and a big BUT, with the SEC being the best conference in college football, there is no way you can start off the season and NOT give the top spot to the best team in the best conference. The SEC has won three of the past five National Championship (this does not include Auburn being shafted when 13-0 in 2004). If the BCS is the best of the best, than the SEC winning 7 of their past 9 appearances (outscoring other conferences the past four years in the BCS 161-62) is just the cherry on top of the Southern Sundae. So if anyone is make college football picks this season, it is nearly impossible to not give the SEC their proper respect and make the Georgia Bulldogs the #1 ranked team to start the season.

Georgia finished their season with a 41-10 massacre of Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl and go into this year returning the following:

Starting quarterback Matt Stafford (who only lost one receiver from last season)
Starting runningback Knowshon Moreno
Oh yeah, and nine starters on defense

The only thing that could stand in the way of Georgia going to the BCS Title to play either USC or Ohio State will be their schedule. Toss out the SEC portion, which includes road games to South Carolina, LSU and Auburn, but they also play Arizona State (should finish 2nd to USC in the PAC 10) on the road and finish the season at home against Georgia Tech before heading to the SEC Championship.

It is hard to find a flaw in Georgia this season. They have depth across the board on a team that closed 2007-08 putting up close to 40 points in four of their last six games. Honestly, I think even the waterboy crew is all seasoned veterans! The Bulldogs are Johnny Detroit's #1 team in college football this year until the scoreboard says otherwise.  

  • Injuries WILL always be Factor in Football. Read where the Florida Gators will be without their Star Tight End Cornelius Ingram.

  • Georgia starting LT Trinton Sturdivant needs reconstructive surgery on his injured left knee and will miss the entire season.

  • SEC. The league of thugs and players who will never graduate. lol.

  • Georgia LB Darius Dewberry has been suspended for the team's first 2 games after acting inappropriately in an Athens-area hospital on Sunday while visiting teammates Donovan Baldwin and Marcus Dowtin.  He is the fifth player to be suspended for the season opener.

  • Yeah, that's true. For all the bitching that goes on here, the voters love the Big 10. I'm just thinking if a scenario happens where Florida is 5, LSU and Auburn are both in the top 12 and Georgia has one loss early in the year with a brutal schedule, how they don't get voted in by the computers? That's my only point. I think it would be a helluva pickle if OU and Ohio State both went undefeated and one got left out of the BCS. Watch how fast the presidents change their mind on a playoff system if that happens. It certainly would be interesting but other than Ohio State going undefeated, none of this likely to happen. And the Buckeyes will go unbeaten. Book it USC fans.

  • It was 3 years ago Chucky.  After that happened, I couldn't even move on to my sophomore year.  Reality bites sometimes LOL

  • 35 yr old Man, Playing a NCAA 2006 Complete Season thru the BCS Championship Game! Is that what Psychologist Call the "Peter Pan Syndrome" LOL!

  • Trust me, I went unbeaten with Syracuse in NCAA Football 06 and won the Heisman Trophy myself as a walk-on freshman WR and STILL missed out on the BCS title game to a 2-loss Ohio State team.  There's no doubt they would get in LOL

  • The question is if there are two or three undefeated teams and Georgia has one loss early in the year. Unless you are a computer, you can't say for sure what will happen. I know one thing: If UGA looses to ASU and then beats Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, LSU and the SEC Championship Game, you tell me they don't get in when the computers will have the SEC rated as the toughest conference? I have a hard a time believing that. In that scenario, someone would get left out but my guess is it wouldn't be the 1-loss Bulldogs. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying how I think things would turn out. I may be wrong but that's my thinking.

  • Agreed, especially considering that would include a win at USC.

  • There is no way an undefeated Ohio State does not go to the BCS Title game.

  • TR, Maybe in that scenario. But BUCKEYE Nation would be SCREAMING!!! Ohio St would FEEL like the Auburn Tigers of 2003!

  • I'm not so sure Chuck. With Georgia's strength of schedule, I could easily see them getting in over Ohio State, especially if the Big 10 has no other teams ranked in the top 15 at the end of the season. I don't think going undefeated necessarily gets you into the title game. If Georgia lost early to say ASU and rebounded to beat Florida, LSU and Auburn and won the SEC Championship Game, I would be shocked if they weren't playing for the National Title.

  • IF Oklahoma & Ohio St/USC go Undefeated they MEET in the BCS Championship Game (They would be RANKED 1 & 2 ) OVER 1-Loss Georgia Team.

  • Good question Art. Let's hope that happens so we can can sit back and watch the BCS sweat. lol