Most overrated athletes of all time?

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Most overrated athletes of all time?

You seem to always see the debates about Lebron vs Kobe, 80's vs 90's or Brady vs Manning. These arguments take the best of the best and end up in a pretty good discussion. For today's topic, how about we look at the worst of the best. You know, those athletes that go down in history as a "great" but maybe do not deserve that tag. I will start it off with two of mine:

Mike Tyson: Sure he was exciting to watch as he destroyed opponents in the matter of minutes. Who could forgot the one punch knock outs of the helpless Little Mac. Tyson is easily one of the most overrated athletes in history. One dimensional slugger who beat up has-beens from the 70's and bums for the 80's. Name ONE GOOD fighter he ever beat? His fight with Ruddock went to a rematch, while Lennox Lewis knocked him (Ruddock) out cold through the ropes in the 1st round. He lost to Buster Douglas and was dominated by Evander as a huge favorite. McNeely? Seldon? 68 year old Spinx? Slow as molasses Frank Bruno? He fought in probably one of the worst eras in boxing history.

Joe Namath: Could be the most overrated player in the history of the NFL. Flashy coats, snappy interviews and the Super Bowl is what made "Broadway Joe". His overall career stats:

Barely a 50% career completion percentage (7 of his 13 years were below 50%)
173 TDs
220 INTs

Not sure how this makes him a Hall of Famer? Yeah, yeah, I know the whole first to toss for 4000 yards thing. But, so what?
Help me out, who am I missing?

  • CIGAR........................racings molded star

    many puff races................hell Mott should have ran him in allowances for what some of those "stakes" were

  • Why Dempsey? On Tyson, expert likes him because of the "skill" he had but he never fought anyone good and struggled or lost to anyone he did not overmatch enough on talent to make up for his marble sized brain.

  • NFL- Joe Namath

    MLB= Roger Maris or Don Sutton

    NBA= Harold Miner or Vince Carter

  • Mike Tyson is overrated among his fans, but not among boxing experts.  The most overrated athlete in history is actually Jack Dempsey.

  • matt wilhelm...overated all the way. gets picked on by opponents every week through the air. besides in an airport john i saw him in a stall with another man.

  • Danica Patrick, if she wasn't a cute babe with some driving ability she would have to sit and watch from the stands with the fans. There are numerous other drivers trying to break into the circuit who could drive circles around her. With her team and equipment she should be winning races on a fairly consistent basis. She has 1 win in Japan in an event where it bascially fell into her lap.

  • No doubt about that - I'll give him credit.  The only NBA dynasty in the history of the league that didn't have a decent point guard or big man because they didn't need either.

  • Pippen was the perfect Robin to Jordan's Batman.

  • I wouldn't say the numbers were night and day.  MJ had the best scoring year of his career (37.1 ppg) the year before Pippen got there.  Winning is another story obviously.

  • but once again, before MATTY flips out, not saying Jordan is not one of the best of all time :)

  • Don't hate on Pippen.

    Obviously Jordan was great, but to not give Pippen credit for all those years is beyond silly. Jordan's #s with and without Pippen are night and day.

    This era of basketball is when the NBA turned into the garbage it is today anyway. Trying to get more scoring and changing rules to benefit the offense. Moving the 3 point line, rules against hand checking. not allowing defenders to use a knee or open hand to move an offensive player out of position. etc etc etc.

    Even rodman said (he was on the team) there was NO WAY they would have won that many games against teams from the 80's. jordan was the man. do not get me wrong. but can anyone even attempt to debate ALL the rules changes to benefit the offense in the league at that time and get more scoring did not help jordan go from a to b? Even the biggest jordan homer can't debate that.

    The one thing you do not hear Jordan lovers point out is that without Pippen he was 1-9 in playoff games.....In the five years without Scottie he had 5 losing seasons and missed the playoffs twice. Jordan NEVER had a winning record without Pippen by his side. Plus, after the year he retired the core of the championship team led by Pippen with NO MIKE only lost two more games than the season before with Jordan. Oh yeah, without Mike, Pippen led them to the Eastern Conference Finals. Than he ended up in Portland and Houston and made the playoffs with both teams. The stats were not amazing and unfairly he is remembered by these final years despite being 11+ years into his career and not anything close to what he was with the bulls.

  • Scottie Pippen

  • How about Reggie Jackson

    Sure A-Rod could learn a thing about being clutch from Mr. October.  He was a lazy, poor fielding, non average hitting strikeout machine.  He was a cancer in the clubhouse and his lifetime average resembles Mike Cameron.

    Sure his teams won a lot, but he was on a lot of good teams!

  • broadway joe for sure was overrated. for me it's nolan ryan. everyone loves this guy, and sure he was a great pitcher, but to put him in the tip 20 is ridiculous.  324 wins 292 losses in an era where you pitched 40 games a season. 0 cy young awards in 27 years. not once was he even the best pitcher in his league. he finished in the top 3 only 3 times in the cy young voting.  this guy was great for his longevity, but nothing else.

  • Kobe LOL (Chucky please see your post for who anonymous is)