What is the greatest victory in the history of sports?

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What is the greatest victory in the history of sports?

Part of my day here at Pregame is spent reviewing and reading all the various content portals and forums around the web. This does not just include industry type web sites, but also general sports related portals. I was reading an interesting question asked on a fantasy football forum where the board was in a heated debate about the "greatest victory in sports". Obviously, the USA Hockey win over the Soviet Union was the first thing that popped into my head. Essentially, this would be like our original Dream Team (Bird, Magic, Jordan, etc) losing in the Olympics. Once my brain agreed this was #1, I started going over various other "great" wins in sports:

Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson. Up until this point, Mike was a monster. Whether it was Frank Bruno or Little Mac, he was just killing people. The odds on this fight were thru the roof. I still remember flicking back and forth between the fight and the NBA Slam Dunk Championship because I figured the fight would be lame anyway. So, all of a sudden we flick back and see Mike laying flat on his ass. Tyson would never be the same after this fight. It was so bad for Mike after this, the WWE (WWF at the time), pulled Tyson from the PPV and replaced him with Buster.

Rulon Gardner (spelling?) beating that Russian Monster a few years back in the Olympics. Honestly, if it was not wrestling, could probably top the "Miracle on Ice". The Russian was not only undefeated for 10 years, but was NEVER scored on. NEVER. Not one point. For 10 years. You know how sick that is? That is like a team in football going undefeated for a season and not giving up any TDs. Actually, it might even be more impressive than that.

There are obviously TONS more (IE Greece over Portugual in 04 Euros considering they were a 100-1 to win it all), but I am interested to hear what everyone else has to say. This could be an upset (Duke over UNLV) or just a damn impressive feat (IE, Red Sox coming back after being down 3-0 to win the World Series).

So I will hand the mike over to the next person........

  • OK , I WAS 15.


  • I was just listening to sportsbook radio here in Vegas the other day, and they said the Tampa Bay Rays were 250/1 shots to win the World Series back in March.  If they end up getting past the Red Sox & Yankees this year and beat the Cubs following a 100-year drought after never making the playoffs, they would have to win this honor without question.

  • Marco YOU where a LOT older than 8 in 1969!!!! LMAO!!!!

    Nice TRY though!!!!!

  • I was just 8 years old (OK here comes the old age jokes from JD & RJ) but seeing this cocky QB Joe Willie Namath guarantee a victory in Super Bowl  3 which was the coming out party for the AFL since the merger back in 1969. Yes I had  a #12 jersey as I kid after that game in fact I replaced that one a few years later with a Black and Gold #12 Jersey!! Boy the 70's were fun living in Pittsburgh!

  • i agree with matty. that was an easy one for me. Go Red Sox baby!!!!

  • I remember that comeback (Bills/Oilers). That has the rank up there.

  • 2002--Easter Charity tournament in Rexdale.  The Sweat Hogs were down 3-1 going into the 3rd period and were being badly outplayed by a younger, cockier group of players.  With 0.4 seconds left on the clock we tied the game and then won it in overtime, shocking our whipper-snapping opponents.  Sweet Victory, very sweet indeed.

    Can't think of any others.  Maybe the Bills comeback vs the Oilers in THAT playoff game.

  • I'd have to put the Red Sox rallying back from down 3-0 to beat the Yankees back in 2004 ALCS right up there.  The reason I think that was so unbelievable is because it wasn't just one game that they had to win.  To win four straight like that when they seemed dead and then sweep the World Series was unreal.

  • Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Karelin, or simply Alexander Karelin, known as "The Russian Bear," competed at the heaviest weight class of his day, 130 kg (286 lb). His conditioning, quickness, and incredible physical stature for his weight, perhaps combined with his dominance of the sport, led to him being known as "The Experiment" by much of the rest of the world. The term connoted the notion that his strength and skill were the result of some kind of scientific experiment. When asked why he thought he was called that, Karelin noted that others don't understand because "I train every day of my life as they have never trained a day in theirs."

  • I just saw what JD posted about Matty. To be fair, you have just excluded Matty from participating in this conversation. lol Hey Matty, what about the SU win over Kansas. You can go with that one. Hey, I notice there isn't a restriction on any of the great moments in Cubs history. Oh wait....

  • That would be like Me, Matty, Marco,Greg & YOU(JD) beating the UNLV Rebels in Basketball! LOL

  • Couldn't agree more about the Russian wrestler JD. Him going more than 10 years without being scored on is the most amazing thing I've ever heard of in sports. Not a slip? Not one wrong move in 10 years? That's amazing. HBO showed his training regiment years ago and it was straight out of Rocky 4. He was walking up a snow covered mountain with a log on his back. It was amazing.

    The US hockey team is obviously the winner of any poll but I was pretty young at the time. I have two. The Tyson/Douglas fight is the reason why we all watch sports. Because on any given day or night, the impossible can happen. My other is Game 7 of the World Series between the Yankees and Diamondbacks. Not only was the Series amazing up to that point but the pitching performances by Clemens and Schilling was the stuff of legend. I remember the tension throughout that entire game was unbelievable. Those are two that really stick out to me. I would also mention this year's Super Bowl but a lot of that has to do with me being there live and the feeling throughout that stadium during the Giants game-winning drive.

  • USA Over Russia in HOCKEY..............Hands Down! Don't even follow Hockey, but HATED Russia back then & that win was considered "IMPOSSIBLE"!

  • And Matty, none of the following are allowed from you:

    1) Anything Jordan

    2) Anything Payton

    3) Anything with Lacrosse