Will USA win the gold? Roster announced Monday:

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Will USA win the gold? Roster announced Monday:

Here is the 12-man roster that will represent the United States in Beijing this summer:

Carmelo Anthony (Denver)

Carlos Boozer (Utah)

Chris Bosh (Toronto)

Kobe Bryant (Lakers)

Dwight Howard (Orlando)

LeBron James (Cleveland)

Jason Kidd (Dallas)

Chris Paul (New Orleans)

Tayshaun Prince (Detroit)

Michael Redd (Milwaukee)

Dwyane Wade (Miami)

Deron Williams (Utah)

Honestly, with the NBA turning into "school yard basketball", I can't see us winning the gold this year either. Since the infamous Dream Team era, we have had better lineups than the above 12 play and we still get embarrased by Europeans who play the game like we used to in the 1980's. You know; defense, jump shots and team play.

Does anyone honestly we will not go another Olympics without a gold and listen to the usual excuses about bad lineup choices? Personally, shoot for the silver fellas. Gold is not going to happen.

  • Agreed JD - LeBron's defense and passion is really taking center stage in Beijing.  No basketball player on the planet has his natural ability combined with size.  He's a monster.

  • Looks like Team USA read my blog. They are playing Defense AND Team Ball like never before. Looking solid. Kudos to Coach K. Also, a second kudos to Lebron. He is taking this VERY serious.

  • The Boston Celtics just did, so I beg to differ LOL

  • no one can stop kobe so usa will win

  • Yes, that's exactly me point.  Curry is a better SHOOTER than 90% of the players in the NBA and could excel in the international game.  Melo is actually one of the best outside shooters on this team, which is pretty scary.

  • By the way, the passing should be excellent with Paul and Kidd. That's another important aspect I think. However, it was proven the last time in the Olympics, this team needs to be able to shoot from the outside in order to win. Apparently the entire world, except those selecting the team, picked up on that fact.

  • See Matty, that's my point. Is Curry better than the guys on the list? Of course not. They are all proven NBA stars. But with players like Wade, Kobe and LeBron - slashers who take the ball to the hoop - someone like Curry would be perfect because he could just sit at the 3-point line and bomb all day long. Same thing with Ray Allen. Those two would represent a much more formidable team if they were on the squad in my opinion.

  • I just thought of the perfect addition to the team: Davidson's Stephen Curry.  Give a college kid who can shoot better than 90% of the players in the NBA a chance to win U.S. gold.

  • That is why I enjoyed the McDonald's Championship. The USA sent an actual NBA team to play Euro teams and we won all 9 years.

  • Redd was the supposed "missing link" from the last team, but they could definitely use a few others, notably Allen and Pierce.  I never understood not sending the best players from the best team in the league as a no-brainer.  These guys just won an NBA title and have a ton of leadership that somebody like Kobe still lacks in my opinion.  I think the biggest problem outside of the shooters is a lack of leadership.  It's a big problem in my opinion when half the roster played one year of college or less.

  • Respectrayallen said exactly what I was going to say. Where are the shooters? I agree with JD. Once again the committee opted to put the best players on the floor instead of the best team. No Gold.

  • If there is one thing i have learned its that we need shooters. Shooters. I only see one on the roster. I am not talking about Kobe or Lebron who can get hot from deep. I am talking about pure shooters. Redd is a great addition. I would like to see Ray Allen and Jason Kapono on the squad with him. I am kind of like you Matty. This team could win, but i really don't see it happening with this roster.

  • Honestly, Melo was the best player on the last U.S. team that competed internationally.  I got to see them play here in Vegas, and he is on the verge of becoming one of the Top 5 players in the NBA if he can just stay out of trouble.  There's a reason Denver turned down a proposed trade of Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince for him recently.

  • Honestly, the only pick I don't like is Melo. This seems to be a better team than years past, with less head cases. I think Paul will be a great PG and I love Howard and Boozer. Seems to be better chemistry here.

  • Why not put Pierce, Allen and Garnett from the NBA champion Celtics?  Chemistry is what has been missing on these teams, especially teammates playing from the same NBA team.  Good to see Williams and Boozer from Utah, but otherwise it looks like the same old team.  At least Redd is there this time.