Was this the closest thing to a lock ever (potentially)?

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Was this the closest thing to a lock ever (potentially)?

Granted, I just knocked on a bunch of wood, but leading the series up 2-0, how is this not almost like stealing:

Ticket # 41717767 Placed: ONLINE-1 on: 06/10/2008 @ 02:19 PM STRAIGHT BET Risking: 2100.00 To Win: 1500.00
06/17/2008 @ 06:05 PM [596] CELTICS SERIES -140 - NBA

*Played at Bookmaker

After the Celtics went up 2-0 I saw this stat when reading thru various sporting articles:

Teams up 2-0 in the NBA, after winning the first 2 at home, are 170-10 94.4 % all time in 7 game series.
So let me get this straight? The team with the best record not only straight up AND against the spread is in a 94.4% scenario and I only have to lay -140? Yes, can Kobe get divine intervention and lead his team back and shock the sporting world? Of course. Nothing is officially over until the clock reads 0:00 and the scoreboard says FINAL.

Win or lose, a gambler long term has to bet across the board anything he believes there is an edge. Pocket Aces can lose to J-9 20 times in a row, but on the 21st time you still have the edge with the aces. If a book will let you take +3.0 to +3.5 in football laying -110, you have an edge. It all boils down to the math and trying to get a positive expectation.

In the end, the Lakers can possibly come back and cost me some money and give Boston fans a wicked case of Deja Vu (Giants over the Pats). But, is there any reason you can think of taking Celtics -140 when up 2-0 was not a wise move?

  • I won't be spraying anyone with booze trying to look cool.

    Also, will not be wandering around with thugs and looking like Mr. T with tons of jewelry.

  • Nice Win. Have Fun in Vegas & watch out for the Guys who beat up & robbed Javon! LOL!

  • Thank you Celtics.....Now I can piss it away in Vegas this week!

  • Teams up 3-1 in the NBA Finals are a perfect 28-0 in the series as well JD.

  • Looks like a WINNER for Sure. Good Luck to You!

  • 30-0:

    That is the best-of-7 NBA playoff series record of the Boston Celtics when leading 3-games-2, irrespective of site. If Team A leads Team B in a best-of-7 playoff series 3-games-2 and each team has an equal chance of winning each game, then the theoretical probability that Team A will win the series is .750. It is thus noteworthy that Boston has combined perfection with longevity in this context.