What was your favorite sporting event seen live?

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What was your favorite sporting event seen live?

The other day while tossing back some cold Labatt Blue at good ole' Malarkey's Irish Pub, some of us started talking about all the sporting event we have seen over the years. Thinking about it made me realize I have seen many exciting things and when asked to narrow it down to one moment I had to quickly recap the top ones over the years:

Detroit Lions defeat Cowboys in playoffs: Was the game that sealed the deal (sadly) for me to get season tickets. Still can see Barry get gang tackled and everyone sitting down than all of a sudden he bursts out of the pack for the mad dash. I thought my head was going to explode from screaming. Have never been at an event that was so loud. Few weeks later my parents were in Vegas and Jimmy Johnson happened to be in the elevator with a friend talking about the game. Jimmy mentioned it was the LOUDEST crowd he has ever played in front of and it was impossible to call any audibles. The downside to all of this is the fact this game has kept me loyal to the Lions year after year.

Wrestlemania: Laugh if you must, but I always hold a grudge against my old man for not taking me to WM III when it was at the dome and missing Andre vs. Hogan. So even though I do not follow wrestling anymore, when I had a chance to see it at Ford Field I went. Considering I have been to the Super Bowl, the NFL can't hold a candle to the WWE in regards to "at game" presentation for the fans. A non-wrestling fan could have fun at Wrestlemania.

2000 Orange Bowl: Michigan vs Alabama in one of the most amazing games I have ever see live. Think it took three days for my throat to heal with all the screaming we did. Tom Brady vs. Shaun Alexander in an offensive explosion. If you have never been to a bowl game, having the conference fans cheering back and forth (SEC vs Big 10) is quite an event.

Missing the cut:

Seeing "Stone Cold" jump from a zamboni on to Vince at RAW at the Joe. Sounds cheesy, but was crazy with when the whole arena erupted.

World Cup. Was not a huge soccer fan, but seeing the USA play Switzerland was pretty exciting. Seeing all the people from around the world chanting and singing was something I will not forget.

Elite 8/Sweet 16. Without having your team in it, not too exciting. Plus I saw lame ass Wisconsin play.

Various bowl games from Citrus to Motor City. Seen some good ones, but nothing topped the Orange Bowl.

Piston's NBA Finals. Nothing too memorable outside of the excitement of being there.

Red Wing's Stanley Cup Finals. See above.

Seeing Wings play the Avs IN Denver. Nice city and great time.

Detroit Drive winning their first Arena Bowl.

MLB All Star game. Don't remember much due to all the drinking.

Kentucky Derby. See above.

Michigan vs. Ohio State. Tradition alone made these games amazing.

Mayweather fight in Vegas. Cool to be there, but seeing the Mayweather/De La Hoya press conference at the MGM was also cool.

USA vs Soviet Union in hockey USA-USA-USA

Final Tigers vs. Yankees game IN New York. Amazing city, amazing time and great win.

Super Bowl (Pitt vs. Sea). Yawn. Super Bowl is over rated in my opinion. My favorite part of the whole thing was the BetUS/Hawaiian Tropic Party on that Friday when I met Jim McMahon and told him he was sweet on TECMO Bowl.

Verlander no-hitter. Still have the tickets (un-used) on my cork board. Decided to stay home and relax and watch the game on TV. Go figure it was the first Tiger's no-hitter since Jack Morris in 1984. First one in Detroit Nolan Ryan back in the 70's. Ugh.....

The winner is the Mag's home run to send the Tigers to the World Series. Following the season of having the worst record ever, only us true fans had the balls to get season tickets. Man, were we rewarded with seeing this live (not me taping, but something I found on YouTube). All I can remember is a sea of people jumping around clapping, hugging, screaming etc in ultimate excitement and joy:

So what was your favorite sporting event seen live?
  • No contest:  Wrigley Field in June, July,  early August 1969. The atmosphere was always charged, the Bleacher Bums were started and going crazy. I admit I was in the Bleachers several times that Summer. The Cubs were winning, I had just gotten out of the Army. All was right with the World!!!!

  • Carpet Dave,

    I can only imagine how sweet that Rose Bowl was. We were all watching it at a local bar and it was an amazing game to see on TV.

  • Easy one for me...the 2006 Rose Bowl. There were probably a dozen NFL players on the field that night, two Heisman winners, but the best player on the field was wearing burnt orange. Sitting in the 6th row as the Longhorns won the National Championship. I was with all my buddies from school, one of the best and wildest weekends of my life. Hook Em.



  • Some great stuff fellas!

  • I post those another time its getting late.


  • I have several sporting events i attened thru the years.As a kid I went to the pirates spring trainng when i was on spring break in high school.

    I am a huge burg fan.I had family that lived in bradenton,made the trip by greyhound i was 14 or 15.

    This was before security was real tight.Anyway one of the games I went to was vs the Red Sox.Guess whos was playing left field,yes,the Yaz himself.Well its the ninth inning and there is a mob standing on the foul line in left field waiting for the final out to get a shot at yaztremski:s autograph.The final out is made and i guess about twenty of us go run on the field and surrond yaz for his autograph.I soon found myself lost in the crowd(it was mostly adults trying to get his autograph)well i pulled myself out of the crowd and circled him to get on his left side.I had my pen and a brandnew baseball out and ready.

    Yaz was signing away and i could feel as though that he did not even see me.I mean I am just a kid lost in the sea of humainty.All of the sudden he grabs my pen and ball as we are walking off the field toward a trailer or something like that ,the crowd was crowding around him more now as he was getting closer and closer to the trailer.I kind of got shuffled back and thought he was not going to remember who i was.

    Well yaz finally makes his way to the trailer doorway turns around and looks me right in the eye and says here you go kid.I could'nt beleive it he knew the whole time it was my ball and pen and I swear to you when he grabbed the ball and pen yaz did not even look at me.Guy must have had great prephial vision.That is a memory that still gives me goosebumps.

    I got his and willie stargell on the same ball.The only two autographs on the ball.This ball is right here at my computer desk.

    Other games i have fond memories off.Game seven Pittsburgh Pirates vs Orioles(1979) with my Dad.It was the last baseball game we ever saw together.

    Last years backyard brawl and watching pitt stun wvu it was almost surreal.Some of the saddest faces i ever saw.Barley got out of there alive.My brother and i  were a little buzzed and had bets riding on pitt with the points.My brother gets very loud and obnixous after a flask full of turkey.

    My own misery game seven NLCS here in Atl 92,watching that live at the game.I was devestated to say the least.I still have nightmares about that game.I sat in my seat forever I could not move or even speak.Living here in atl I had to deal with that replay over and over for two-or three years afterwards.. it was always a lead in for a braves promo on tv.16 years later if I see a replay I still get a sick felling in my stomach.

    Mon nite game thiesman got his leg broken.

    Going to pirate games on satuday nite the year they had Goose Gossage.I would always go with my grandfather and when Gossage came into the game the place would just come alive fans going crazy and a real live goose out in the pen it was just great stuff.Also seeing the Mad Hungarian pitch Al Habrawsky(sorry about the spelling)vs the pirates was always fun.

    Anytime Willie Stargell came up to bat

    I lived in DC area as well and Oriole games at old memorial stadium were always fun.Sneek in a flask of rum,and it was rum and cokes and crab cakes.Getting out of there after the game was always an adventure(its own event)

    I got some others went to a few steeler games,the kentucky derby the year go for gin won.

  • I got to see Jordan play over 20 times in person, including old games at Chicago Stadium.  We used to even buy standing room only tickets when I was in high school, then when the doors opened it was a race up the stairs to get the best standing spots possible near mid-court (no escalators back then).  Still the loudest crowds I have ever heard in my life.

    Second behind those games was watching Syracuse win three lacrosse national championships in person, including their last one a couple weeks ago.  Until you see a game in person, there's no way to explain how big the sport is back on the East Coast for all ages.

  • Oh wow, I ALWAYS talk about this with my friends. Best event I ever went to is easily the midnight miracle on monday night when my Jets came back in the 4th quarter to beat those dumb dolphins. It was the first and only football game I have ever attended. We had great seats and the atmosphere was awesome. As we started getting blown out I just had this feeling that it wasn't over and when 50 percent of the stadium filtered out I refused to leave. Little did I know i would be a part of history. I swear I have never screamed so loud in my life. With only half the stadium still there it sounded the same as it did during the opening kick.

  • I haven't attended many events,   Eagles @ Vikings in 97,  Jaguars @ Vikings in 98 (That was a good one 50-10 final, and it wasn't even that close,  could have been 64-3),  a handful of Twins games,  and 2 Hockey games.  The second hockey game was the Islanders @ Capitals in 2002 or 03,  Caps won 3-1  and it was the first time my then-girlfriend had been to a game.  Not that exciting though.

        The best sporting even I've ever attended though, was my first NHL game.   Buffalo Sabres @ Toronto Maple Leafs  in December of 1999,   a rematch of the 1998 Easter Conference Finals.   My friend Sarah is a HUGE Leafs fan, so I got a pair of seats front row,  on the glass.   We got there early and watched the warm-ups,   it was a great game,  with the Leafs winning 3-2 in OT,  and the place exploded.   I jumped up on the glass and was basically making a fool of myself,  until I thought I might get arrested,  then I calmed down a bit.        We stayed late as everyone was leaving and hung out near the locker room doors,  until security made everyone leave.   We went downstairs,  then I saw the elevators and suggested we get in and just go up and down,  and maybe we can get an autograph if one of the players gets on the same elevator.   Went up and down a couple of times,  but then thought security might get suspicious of the doors opening  and nobody getting out.   Then we hung out in a hallway at the bottom of the stairs below the locker room,  on the way to the parking area,  and sure enough,  one of the players comes down,  (wearing a suit? what's up with that?)  and asks Sarah if she wants him to sign her jersey.    We didn't know at the time who it was,  but of course she said yes,   and I had him sign a Puck for Sarah's son,  which he took to school the next day before I could get a display case for it, and the other kids wiped the autograph off.     The player was Gary Valk,  not a superstar, but he did score a goal in that game.       Shortly after getting the autograph from him,   one of the security guys who had told us to leave earlier came down and we were escorted from the premises.  

        All in all,  it was an amazing experience.   Expensive...  $300 per ticket,  but I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing,  and to this day,  Sarah says that was the best night of her life,  so I guess it was worth it.

  • Although this will likely be a surprise as the sport has been in decline although rebounding somewhat this year, my favorite in person has to be the Indianapolis 500. It is an event that everybody should attend at least once. We have a group from Columbia every year and it is a blast. I love watching the newbies when they drop that green flag and the field explodes into turn 1, it is a complete and total rush.

  • Because the team the wins usually covers. So I assume (as I did), the Patriots would either blow them out of lose outright. Shitty part, is I went with blow out. lol.

  • JD, following the game I heard the books got killed because a lot of late money went down on the Giants ML. Do you know why that was? Did the sharps get wind that Brady was injured worse than people thought? I can understand taking the points but I was shocked to hear so many people took the Giants on the ML.

  • I was the strip club watching the Patriots game. Knew the game was over at 1/2 time. So did the books. The 2nd half line was set that they did not expect the Pats to cover the game. Amazing trap line getting the world to take the Pats. I took NE for the game, but conceded once I heard the 2nd half #.

  • Vikings @ Colts a few years ago... best game i ever went to.. colts won but it was a last second drive as usual for manning.

  • Thanks for bringing up that Lions/Cowboys game JD.

    No contest for me. Patriots/Giants Super Bowl. The electricity running through my body when Burress scored that TD and the crowd erupted is indescribable. The tension throughout that whole game was amazing. When Burress scored, I actually had tears in my eyes because the entire game was so emotional. Amazing game to be at live. I will never forget it.