1980's Basketball: Best of All-Time????

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1980's Basketball: Best of All-Time????

Listening to all the Kobe vs. Lebron talk got me thinking back to the 80's when the NBA still had some class and people actually did something called a jump shot. Granted, I was a child of the 80's being born in the mid 70's, but if you look at the rundown, it is hard not to say cats like Jordan, Bird and Magic would not school the glorified gang bangers of today.

Tit for tat, best of best, what era was the best and why?

Also, 1980's vs 2000+, I think you have to make the line:

80's -10.0



  • Love this post!!!!! 80's all the way man. Shooters real shooters,  defense real defense, teams real teams, players real players and great players real great players. F'ing talking heads make every player Great today even if they play 5 mins a damn quarter. 80's players much to physical much to gifted much to team oriented less concerned with endorsement deals. Left it all on the court. Just the physical nature of the game would eliminate 75% of todays so called Great players.

  • I just gets worse and worse each decade that goes by.....can you name 5 good jump shooters in todays game...? Granted everyone is 20-30 lbs bigger in todays game, and can run faster and jump higher...but it is still basketball, not a bigger faster stronger contest.


  • Tom Owens.......

  • I really wasn't a huge fan of the Knick/Piston East Coast, GRIND IT OUT, Hatchet job, GOONS that lurked in the lane on those teams ...

    LOVED the Showtime Lakers - then held a small grudge vs Jordan, Bulls, et al....after 92 Finals when they beat our Blazers....and 91 Lakers after they beat our Blazers in WCF in the really best Blazer Team of that era...so I just couldn't watch a lot of the 'Epic' 91' Bulls Finals - too messed up after sitting 9th Row in the 'Old Glass Box' - Memorial Coliseum, for all but 4 of the 89/90, 90/91, & 91/92 Playoff games.  

    Absolutely nothing against MJ....loved him....just seemed to cast a little TOO big of a shadow over everything else, and everyone else...he was the best, of course.

    The 1989 thru 1992 Portland Team was one of the best teams to NOT win a Title in the past several decades...THERE is an interesting debate in and of itself!

  • Hey, JD...

    I KNOW I'm biased, but.....TEAM BASKETBALL played at it's finest - cliche', collection of players, worth a lot more than the sum of their parts, ect,, ect.,

    1976-1977 World Champion Portland Trail Blazers

  • awsome would win by 20!

  • Mitch "The Rock" Richmond.

    Rookie of the year and key part of the "run and gun" Warriors in the late 80's....

  • Off the question but I'll throw this out there. Most underrated in my opinion was Mitch Richmond.

  • Plus, players from the 80's did not have tats all over their arms and neck.

  • If they used rules from today, they win by 10. If they use the rules from the 80's, by 20.

  • Dominique Wilkins,   Julius Erving,  plus Magic, Bird and Jordan...   Stockton and Malone,  maybe Arvydas Sabonis  in his prime, pre-NBA.   80's would probably be better.

    There are certainly good players today,  but as has been seen in the Olympics and World competition,  they don't play well together.

    On paper,  KG,  Lebron, Kobe, Josh Howard,  Chris Paul... they all look good,  but could they play as a team?     Well.. maybe all of them but Kobe could.  

    It was a different game in the 80's,  I wasn't into basketball then so I don't really remember,   but they probably emphasized defense more back then,  and if the shots don't fall for the 2000+ players,  they get blown out.

  • I was thinking a line of 10-15. But you are right, easily could be 20+.

  • Great debate - 80's would win by 20+!