NBA All-Star Weekend Odds (Slam Dunk & 3pt Contest & MVP)

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NBA All-Star Weekend Odds (Slam Dunk & 3pt Contest & MVP)

Who will you be betting on to win the slam dunk contest & the 3 pt shootout if you do make a small wager on them? Who will take home the MVP? Here are the odds on all 3 below & note that J.R. Smith has taken Rudy Gay's place in the slam dunk contest. **I will be back with my selections later**
Slam Dunk Contest - Odds to Win - All Bets Action (Max Bet $500) 2009-02-14 19:00

Spread Price Spread Price
Dwight Howard (Magic) 0 -180 Bet JR Smith (Nuggets) 0 +300 Bet
Nate Robinson (Knicks) 0 +350 Bet Rudy Fernandez (Blazers) 0 +500 Bet
Three Point Shootout - Odds to Win - All Bets Action (Max Bet $500) 2009-02-14 19:00

Spread Price Spread Price
Jason Kapono (Raptors) 0 +200 Bet Mike Bibby (Hawks) 0 +300 Bet
Danny Granger (Pacers) 0 +350 Bet Rashard Lewis (Magic) 0 +350 Bet
Daequan Cook (Heat) 0 +500 Bet Roger Mason (Spurs) 0 +500 Bet
Odds to Win the 2009 All Star Game MVP - All Bets Action (Max Bet $500) 2009-02-15 20:00

Spread Price Spread Price
LeBron James (Cavs) 0 +300 Bet Kobe Bryant (Lakers) 0 +300 Bet
Dwyane Wade (Heat) 0 +400 Bet Dwight Howard (Magic) 0 +400 Bet
Chris Paul (Hornets) 0 +500 Bet Amare Stoudemire (Suns) 0 +600 Bet
Dirk Nowitzki (Mavs) 0 +800 Bet Brandon Roy (Blazers) 0 +1,000 Bet
Allen Iverson (Pistons) 0 +1,200 Bet Ray Allen (Celtics) 0 +1,200 Bet
Tim Duncan (Spurs) 0 +1,800 Bet Kevin Garnett (Celtics) 0 +1,800 Bet
Paul Pierce (Celtics) 0 +1,800 Bet Danny Granger (Pacers) 0 +2,000 Bet
Mo Williams (Cavs) 0 +2,000 Bet Tony Parker (Spurs) 0 +2,000 Bet
Chauncey Billups (Nuggets) 0 +2,000 Bet Yao Ming (Rockets) 0 +2,000 Bet
Shaquille ONeal (Suns) 0 +2,000 Bet Joe Johnson (Hawks) 0 +2,500 Bet
Paul Gasol (Lakers) 0 +2,800 Bet Devin Harris (Nets) 0 +3,000 Bet
David West (Hornets) 0 +3,000 Bet Rashard Lewis (Magic) 0 +3,000
  • Unfortunately the place I bet had 2 or more tied as one of the options :(

  • I wish I came in time.  Even though its over and I know who won I still would Have voted for Ray Allen bcuz he my favorite NBA player.  People sleep on his skill.

  • Winners shouda gotten paid on Kobe and O'Neal.  I got paid for Kobe.

  • lol, how does that work?

  • Dah, what were the odds on a split?  I should get my money back...

  • the way the game is going so far, it looks like Kobe or Paul Pierce should get MVP

  • I am going to play the small profit I made on Nate Robinson at +350 winning the slam dunk, as I had JR SMith at +300 as well....but I will take the Eastern Conference +3 (Bodog) as my side play for the All-Star game & I have my D. Wade MVP play pending as well. Good Luck to all tonight!

  • Awesome job so far RespectRay & GL with your Ray Allen MVP of the all-star game play? Are you choosing anyone else, since you have cashed already with your other plays for all-star weekend??

  • Thanks Lil Nate!

  • will Ray Allen make it a sweep tomorrow?

  • Lebron will Karate Kid kick the ball into the basket.

  • Nate over Dwight was fugging awesome.  Hope LeBron doesn't retract from competing next year.  Could be epic.

  • Lol maybe it was fixed.

  • Ya Xau.....& Nate jumping over him sealed the deal anyways....

  • Dwight should of been able to have a 2nd shoet at the dunk. Stepping inside the line killed it.