I said that I wouldn’t expound about The Linq until Caesars Entertainment broke ground on the project in Las Vegas. Although I’m technically writing about The Linq, this isn’t so much about The Linq as it’s about the Ferris wheel pod that’s planned to be anchoring the project. A ride on the Ferris wheel should take around 3o minutes and that will cost you about $20 from what I’ve read.

The Linq is seemingly aimed at the mid-level Vegas vacationer. Those are the people you’ll see walking up and down (clogging) the Las Vegas Strip with yards of fruity alcohol beverage wrapped around their neck in guitar or Eiffel Tower shaped container. Last week Vegas Chatter peaked on on a chat with Caesars Entertainment to confirm something fairly obvious, but kind of gnarly. There will be no way to go to the rest room if you need to during the 30 minute ride.

But, the most interesting question (at least to us) was made by at least three Facebook fans — will there be restrooms in the pods of High Roller, the giant observation wheel planned to anchor The Linq:

Is there bathrooms inside each pod?

When your up in the air having cocktails, You need a bathrrom near.

While Greg didn’t answer the questions, the Flamingo’s Facebook team did… kinda:

Not 100% sure but pretty certain the pods on the High Roller will not have restrooms.

So, potty before pod or else you’ll be thinking about wee wee all wheel long.

Considering a good portion of the customers for The Linq Wheel Pod will be family’s with children or drinkers this poses a small problem.  Kids and drinkers both, often, have problems holding their bladder. 30 minutes is a long time to hold it in. If The Linq ever gets off the ground we have to expect that the rides will be shortened or there will be a lot of money spent cleaning up their fancy new ride in a couple years.

Originally posted on AC2LV