Pomeroy College Basketball Predictions 03-01-10

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Pomeroy College Basketball Predictions 03-01-10

Ken Pomeroy uses stats and his own unique methods (efficiency ratings, etc.) to come up with predicted final scores for college basketball games.  The following are his predicted scores for today's games based on his system.  I am NOT recommending using this as the sole basis for any wagers.  This information should only be used as another ingredient in your handicapping formula.

Note: Team in bold is the home team.  Team with the spread next to it is the recommended play according to the predictions.

West Virginia 72 (-6, Over 136.5), Georgetown 65

Texas 84 (-14, Over 147), Oklahoma 67

Utah State 71 (-14.5, Under 128), Fresno State 55

NC Greensboro 78 (-5, Over 147.5), Georgia Southern 71

Morgan State 82, North Carolina A & T 67 (No Line)

Jackson State 61, Arkansas Pine Bluff 60 (No Line)


Looking for games with at least a 3-point overlay against the spread, we find the following (Overlay is in parentheses):

Texas -14 vs. Oklahoma (3) LOSS

Texas - Oklahoma Over 147 (4) WIN


Again, at most, this information should only be used as a small part of your handicapping.

  • Thanks for putting that out there, sharpcookie.  The more info the better!

  • I got you, DB. I use that site a lot and I just wanted to let people know about that because they might not have known.

  • Thanks, Mike and Greg.  Get 'em good tonight, fellas!

    Good point, sharpcookie, and just one reason why I said this stuff should only be used as a small part of your handicapping.

  • One thing to be careful about, especially in the Big Monday games tonight, Pomeroy projections don't take injuries into account i.e. Tennessee still has Tyler Smith on the team in his system.

  • thanks DB!

  • Dwayne this is solid info. I use that site for a couple of things myself and is a great starting point for anyone to look further into possible bets/plays. Great Stuff here!

  • Good luck today DB, keep it rolling!

  • To see Pomeroy's score predictions on his site, you have to click on the team name on his rankings list, which takes you to that team's page with team schedule.  Just look for today's game on the schedule and there will be a score there.  That score is Pomeroy's prediction for that game using his system.

  • DB

    where on his site do you see his predictions?  Or do you just figure them out yourself using his numbers? thanks

  • Hmm.  That's interesting, BIGBET.  Do you have a record on this system?  I'll have to start watching this.

  • heres a system that works solid for me from kens i been using If a team ranked 180 or higher in Kenpom's ranking is FAVORED AT HOME by more than 6 points, BET AGAINST that team.try it

  • We now have lines on the last two games, but neither has an overlay of 3 or more points against the line.

  • You're welcome, brother.  These plays with at least a 3-point overlay went 7-1 yesterday (1-1 on sides, 6-0 on totals), so it'll be interesting to track these records.  Wish I had started this months ago!

  • Already lookingat Texas as I looked at this last night and got 17.3 myself.  Kinda hoping the Public will remeber Ok. beat Texas & That A&M also got them Sat. Even then it may b hard to pull trigger on this game, but there is some value.  Thanks again DB and keep tearing it up!