Tennis 1st Play of the season - Hopman Cup

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Tennis 1st Play of the season - Hopman Cup

2011 Record: 0-0-0 (0.00 units)

NOTE: 1st play of the season, good luck to all!


Hopman Cup - 5005 Belgium vs 5006 Australia - Saturday, 07:00 GMT


Projected line: Australia @ -219 / 1.457

As you probably know, a Hopman Cup tie consists in three matches: women's match, men's match and a mixed doubles match.

Match #1: Justine Henin vs Alicia Molik

Even though Henin is still limited by an elbow injury, she will absolutely crush Molik, who is on her farewell tour and can do anything anymore at this level. Belgium will make it 1-0 after this match, no doubt about it.

Match #2: Ruben Bemelmans vs Lleyton Hewitt

Basically this is the same story of the match #1, but this time it's the Australian player who has all the edge on this matchup. Hewitt is playing at home, ready for a new season after resting some months after the US Open and he will have no problems beating a player ranked 178 and who lost to Hewitt last September, when Hewitt was heavily hampered by injuries. Australia will make it to 1-1 after this match.

Match #3: Justine Henin/Ruben Bemelmans vs Alicia Molik/Lleyton Hewitt

So, everything will come to the mixed doubles match and make no mistake: Australia is absolutely the favorite to win this match. Justine Henin has been one of the top players for the past 10 years on WTA, however unlike the other top players, she has never played doubles at all, having just played a total of 6 doubles matches her entire career! The case isn't much better for her partner Bemelmans, who posts a pretty weak 24-24 career record on doubles, with all matches being at challengers. So, with against a poor Belgium doubles team, Australia will have little problems in taking them down. With the crowd on their side, Australia has a remarkable doubles team, with 2-time Grand Slam doubles champion Alicia Molik will have on her side Lleyton Hewitt, who is also a very capable doubles player, but not a remarkable one, but at least much better than Ruben Bemelmans. So, with all these edges in favor of Australia, I have no other option but taking them to win this tie.

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on 5006 Australia to win tie @ -123 / 1.813 on Pinnacle

  • Just like you called it Andre! Ballsy play especially after basically spotting them the first play! Sounds like you know more than just the hardwood!

    I actually went to go and make a play on the Aus vs. Belgium Hopman Cup yesterday evening, but it must have been right after Henin's match started because of the incredible time difference.  

    I also didn't realize you blogged as much as you did which is great! I'll make it a point to regularly visit your NBA blogs (as I am now fully vested in your NBA Season package - see my post in your latest NBA blog) as well as your freebies such as this tennis match-up. I tend to think there would be a TON of value in sports like tennis and golf where you have more recreational bettors than sharps (so I would tend to believe and correct me if I'm wrong). Will there be more Hopman Cup or other tennis plays coming up down the line?

  • HENIN J. (BEL) MOLIK A. (AUS) 6-4 6-4

    BEMELMANS R. (BEL) HEWITT L. (AUS) 4-6 3-6


    FT: Australia 2 Belgium 1