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Invent a Super Bowl Prop Contest (free to enter)!

Thread Starter Invent a Super Bowl Prop Contest (free to enter)!
Johnny Detroit
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Most bettors spend time thinking about what makes a great Super Bowl prop (and let's be honest, many of us think we could make great ones).

This year, the community will work together to invent the best Super Bowl prop, and one of the largest offshore sportsbooks will make the prop available for the entire world to bet!

Las Vegas props must involve stats from the game's boxscore, but Bovada has no such restrictions - your prop can literally involve anything you can dream up! So the only limit is your own imagination!

*** Process ***

Simply reply to this thread with your prop idea (limit of one idea per day, per poster). Submissions will close at midnight on Saturday, January 25th.

We will provide Bovada with a complete list of submissions - and they will choose the winning prop (they may actually choose more than one prop to use, so be creative and make sure to enter each day!).

Keep in mind that the sportsbook will decide the exact odds on the bet - your submission should focus on the elements of of prop (for example, if the prop is: Will an earthquake happen during the game? . . . that is the element, and the book would decide what odds to offer) is not part of the selection process - but rather we are collecting your ideas and passing them along to be considered.

This is going to be fun!

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Is there one for any sack for loss of 10+ yards. If not, thats my submission.

c-more kid
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O/U 34 ''OMAHAS"

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First Personal Foul penalty - broncos or seahawks.... seahawks -130, broncos +110

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Will There Be a Tom Brady name drop in the first 3 minutes of the game.

Over Under 3.5 Times that Eli is shown on camera


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I was wrong about RAS 2013 season :(

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Over / under how many times manning will draw Seattle off sides with his snap count!


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Will M. Lynch be recorded eating Skittles?

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Change in temperature from kickoff to end of game.

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Times Manning throws to a "mediocre" receiver being covered by Sherman  O/V 4  (can change amount to what they think is appropriate)

2011 NBA attempt at capping Official Plays 29-15-2 (65.90%) Plays w/ Leans 39-26-2 (60.0%) (really like) plays 6-0 (100.00%)

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How many times they show Richard Shermans ugly face O/U8

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