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Ravens biggest upset ever to make Super Bowl?

Thread Starter Ravens biggest upset ever to make Super Bowl?
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Ravens first underdog EVER of more than a touchdown to win both Division playoff round and Championship playoff round (records from 1978 onwards)

BTW . . .

Joe Flacco now has 6 road playoff wins career
More than Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Bret Favre, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning.
Those legends are a combined 13-29 on the road in the playoffs, while Flacco has won 6 out of 10.


Question . . . Why doesn't it feel like Baltimore making the SB is the huge longshot that it actually was?

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Maybe because a lot of PG Pros were on em to cover and Amatuers here as well, some even picked the Ravens to win outright, Me included. Just My guess as to why it doent feel like such a longshot that They won outright.

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They seem to have the characteristics of a championship team... decent on both sides of the football, QB has been good on the road in the playoffs and they don't seem to panic if they fall behind.  Also doesn't hurt your destiny to complete a 70yd pass with 30 secs left to tie the game in Denver.  To me, they have the feel of the last years Giants maybe even more so since they've been such decided dogs.

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They remind me of the last Pitt team that won it a few years back . If memory serves me right that team was like 1-4 the first month . And did not know till the final Sun if they would get the wild card . They had to win and needed a little help from other teams . They were a sparking and came together at the right time . Your gut just told you they would win it all and every play off game they got better . I believe they were under dogs in every play off game and the super bowl . This Ravens team is playing as good of football as i have seen any team play all year . They are confident and they expect to win . I may be wrong but i feel  Sanfran is just happy to be there . I look for this to be a game like the Pats game . They lead wire to wire and win this by 10 or more . I do not bet much on money lines but for sure will be loading up on the spread and money line .

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I had posted that the line was 3.5 points high earlier. I think the majority of ppl thought the line was pretty high just based on how close the recent match-ups had been. I heard a lot of ppl predict the Ravens, Chad Millman for 1

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When you say "longest shot", it is only 2 weeks of data that reflect it.  Definitely not a long shot based on preseason odds.  The "cinderella" phenomena isnt a mathematical thing, its an emotional thing.  The public sees this team in the playoffs every season and its just not that shocking.  

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I personally feel like when you see value and bet on it and it works out you were right. And when you see value and bet on it and it comes close, you feel good too. I just feel personally that the public likes what they see recently and discredited what The Ravens have done all year. Which is just get better.

So I guess Im trying to say. to me it didnt seem like a long shot. They had value the whole time taking the points in playoffs.

Not sure if that answers the question

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At least Baltimore has some superstars on the team........not like the Atlanta Falcons of many years ago who came back from 10 down on the road against 15-1 Minnesota.

That was an underdog team!

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Full agreement here. Just seemed a mild upset but I after watching them face a down and out texans team it just seemed obvious that the game was going to be close..I wonder was there also added motivation for John knowing before hand his brother had already cashed his ticket in the big show.  

it is what it is

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line was inflated since NE a very public the nbr it may be major upset but not really when u look at recent matches between two...not like NE had blown em out  over the years

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