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Bookie Battle: 44 Bookies Pick Every NFL Game (Week 14)

Thread Starter Bookie Battle: 44 Bookies Pick Every NFL Game (Week 14)
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The Bookies "Consensus" Sucked 5-10 going into Monday night....Pathetic.....

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How the hell do the bookies pick games as quickly as they do- unless there isn't really a care as to who will actually win the game? How much actual figuring could have gone into the predictions they are putting out there. Does it mean anything to them when they end up being with horrible results? For me, this info. is for the most part meaningless. How about you?

Signal or noise?

By the way, what does the winner  get for having the best record (aside from the exposure from having the best record) ? Why do they release their picks so early when they couldn't have given much time and consideration into to how the games are likely to play out against the betting lines? People that are trying to win money expect some actual work to be put into picks they would be paying for and people participating in contests are putting much time and effort into their choice of game winners. Why would this Bookie Battle info. be valuable to anyone when the effort seems to be lacking on their part. Is there something I'm not understanding here or should people question the info. they will deem valuable more closely?


Signal or Noise

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