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Just a heads-up about Western Union..

Just a heads-up about Western Union..
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Yes 5D does offer debit card withdrawal. I just pm Hannsel .Mugatu: It's that damn Hansel! He's so hot right now!

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Hannsel'

Hannsel: Welcome to our online Customer Service! How may I assist you today?

5dXXXXXX: For US customer's do you offer a prepaid card or debit card payout?

Hannsel: yes

Hannsel: Transfer can be made to a Visa card

Hannsel: ?Minimum is $100 max is $2500

5dXXXXXX: what type of info do you need? drivers license, copy of debit card, etc..?

Hannsel: The following information will be necessary to take and process these payouts:

Hannsel: First Name / Middle Initial / Last Name (or name as shown on the card)

Hannsel: Street Address (No PO Box allowed)

Hannsel: City

Hannsel: State

Hannsel: Postal Code

Hannsel: Country (2 letter country code)

Hannsel: E-mail Address

Hannsel: Phone Number (no dashes, area code for USA and country code for any other country

Hannsel: Card Number

Hannsel: Expiration Date

Hannsel: Amount


5dXXXXXX: ok thank you I appreciate your help.

Hannsel: You're welcome.

Hannsel: also let me share with you the fee chart for this

Hannsel: FEE CHART

Hannsel: $15 for $100 up to $500

Hannsel: $25 for $501 up to $1000

Hannsel: $40 for $1001 up to $2500


5dXXXXXXX: Is the one free withdrawal per month also an option for a debit card?

Hannsel: that is correct

Hannsel: to process free payouts on Mondays from 9:00am to 1:00pm ET ONLY

5dXXXXXX: ok thank you very much you have been very helpful. have a great evening.

Hannsel: You're welcome.

Hannsel: If you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, feel free to contact us back.

Hannsel: Thanks for choosing us. Have a great evening!


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yes they do...all of my deposits and payouts have been $1000-2500...i have never deposited or cashed out anything less than that. the amount is not what flagged it, i just think they recognized it as a gaming institution transaction.  This is what the rep at the first western union told me as well. This might start happening more and more to people unfortunately.  Like I said, never had an issue until about a month and a half ago and then this past monday/tuesday.


thanks for the info brother...that is the way im gonna go since i dont have to fax pics of credit cards and drivers license..take care

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Some tips that I've picked up from various threads I've read when using WU or MG...

1.  Try not to do it online.  This is probably the most important thing.  For some reason (I don't know why either) they seem to take a closer look at the online transactions than in person.

2.  Keep deposits under $1,000.

3.  Same as withdrawals

4.  Switch back and forth between MG and WU.  Don't only use just one of them.

5.  Don't deposit more than $3,000 per month using either method.

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what trouble with Netspend are you refering to?? I have one for that specific purpose and never had a problem with them?????

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My bad, I was wrong. I mainly use MG, cuz for some reason I can't use WU online. Had no idea you could send up to $2500 via WU. Yeah, definitely keep all transactions with either company under $900

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this debit card option- they send you a debit card like bookmaker does, or they send the money to your personal debit card?????

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