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Notre Dame +11? Am I crazy? VS the Heels...

Thread Starter Notre Dame +11? Am I crazy? VS the Heels...
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Seems like too many points. The Tar Heels don't blow away teams.

Although ND isn't very good.

Anybody have a SOLID opinion on this game?


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I agree that the 11 spread in the game seems large.  Let's look deeper,  we have an Irish team that has played almost the entire year at home.  In reviewing their schedule,  tomorrow's game is just their 10th road appearance.  'Talk about a stacked set up !  In their 9 road games thus far they have lost 8.  Their lone road win was against a very average Boston College team ( 73-69).  They have played some close games vs some good teams but really,  ONE road win?

The Irish hosted UNC on Feb 8 th and lost by 11 (73-62).  This is a different Tar Heel team I assure you.  ND  will get an NIT bid but this is their final regular season game.  'Doesn't scare me one bit...  this is also the "Heel's" final home game,   UNC by 15 (or more)...  this one could get ugly IMO.

I know UNC has to travel to Duke to close out their regular season but that game is 5 days from tomorrow.  No "look ahead" IMO...

I wouldn't go crazy on this game but I don't see how anyone could put $$$ on the Irish.  It's UNC for me or no play.


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Fade the irish

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Notre Dame is 1-14 ATS L15 games after SU loss. Food for thought.

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all this love for UNC makes the irish an autoplay almost!

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Good discussion.  If I recall UNC is bad at free throw line.....I recall B-A-D.  I expect UNC to take it to them but not bury them.  I'd expect 8-10 point cushion after probably 17+ lead in 2nd half.  Too close for me.  It's Monday....I'll stay away.  GL

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I am playing Heels first half

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comparing the last 4 games of each team ihave nc -10.30

comparing the last 4 rd games for nd and the last 4 hm games for nc i have nc -13.90

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GL tonight Wilednus

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