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Fezzik's Focus: NBA All Star Game (Sun 2/16/14)

Thread Starter Fezzik's Focus: NBA All Star Game (Sun 2/16/14)
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Re:  CBB.   I usually take the Friday and the Monday of the NBA AllStar weekend off, as my one break of the CBB year.  Do any of you do the same?

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I wish I had taken a break. It's difficult to narrow down a huge card like that. I learned something I won't forget that you have talked about. Stick to conferences and teams you know something about. I followed a few cappers on a couple of games blindly on small schools. Normally you would think that is probably a good bet if someone that's been hot puts a play up on a team you don't have a clue about. The key to that is expecting a lot from a mediocre team to beat what was probably a better team because of home court. I still don't really know because I don't have time to research em all. And, I shall not wager very much on a team I'm not familiar with again. And, on a huge card or any card I am learning to be more selective. Anyway, I'd rather watch shuffle board on ice than lose a dollar.good luck today. My book has a few generic player and team propsup. May be difficult to find. BOL!!!

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