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"Must Win Humpday"--SEC Tip-Off--*Bonus Conf. USA*

Thread Starter "Must Win Humpday"--SEC Tip-Off--*Bonus Conf. USA*
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Lot of teams are in "Must Win Situations" in terms of achieving their post season goals, but i want everybody to remember Just because a team "Has to win" does not mean that team will win.....

Ms. State @ Bama ----BLOODBATH Part Two! Ms. State is only bringing 7 players & will only have 5 scholarship players....Despite Steele not playing for Bama, Dawgs just dont have the bodies, Literally!  I like Bama by 25 plus points.....67-45


A&M @ Auburn----I think Barbie has lost his team, as it seems they have just given up. They lack the passion/fire/motivation or whatever you want to call it and just are not giving it 100%...  Auburn has lost 9 out of 10 and Must win for A&M if they want to go NIT this year...Elston Turner has been in Beast Mode & Harris has been killing it from Downtown, where as Auburn's Frankie Sullivan has disappeared and is now playing off the bench (Coach says to give offensive burst, but you dont play one of your best players of the bench if you aint got shit)...Shitty game right here and see it being decided by a basket or two either way, but would have to roll with A&M just b/c they have the better momentum...Expecting 64-61 either way....


Vandy @ Kentucky---Another "Must Win" where Kentucky looks to rebound with Vandy at home, but things cold be tougher than expected considering a team with Noel narrowly defeated Vandy earlier this year 60-58, but caul-Stein still had 4 blocks in that game & played pretty good.  Noel not in the paint is not what caused Kentucky's meltdown, they got killed from the perimeter allowing Tenn. to shoot 57% from the field that night and the Vols did not miss a single 3-Point shot put up that game! That can be cleaned up & Vandy has been atrocious on the road this year only winning one there, so i defintely could see a young Kentucky squad coming together if they can limit their turnovers and actually play defense....i think Calapari is probally dealing with a bunch of little conceited punk ass players and is having more issues than he has in the past...only thing i can figure.....anyways probally be a close game, but look for Kentucky to walk away with the win....Final Score Prediction:  Vandy-59  Kentucky-68

Ole Miss @ South Carolina---Big Storyline for this game is Frank Martin & Andy Kennedy are big buddies because they use to coach together.  Ole Miss finds their self also in a "Must Win" Situation if they want go dancing & Kennedy wants to keep his job.  This game looks to easy only laying 6 with Ole Miss, but looking a little closer we will se Ole Miss is 1-9 at South Carolina Lifetime and they have dropped their past 3 Roadies....Still though, Ole Miss should take advantage of a undersized South Carolina squad and get the win.  Dont like Ole Miss because they brick a lot of freethrows and im having De-Javu over this game and one Vandy played here a year or so ago and they were only laying 5 and that game came down to free throws for the cover & i could see a simlar scenario tonight, so i want no part of this shit sandwhich....Final Score Prediction:  Ole Miss 72  South Carolina-66

UTEP @ Southern Miss----I just hope Southern Miss can pick up the win, but it wont be easy.  UTEP owns a 9-3 Record against Southern Miss & USM is 1-6 SU against Top 100 RPI teams(UTEP is #94).  USM will want to go fast in transition to get ahead of UTEP b/c they own a huge size advantage over the Eagles & that's the #1 mismatch in this game working against the Eagles.  The Eagles are #1 in the league in knocking down 3-Pointers, but UTEP Size allows them to be #1 in 3-Point defense.  UTEP is the best team in the Conf. USA West and has proven they can win on the road knocking off UCF as of late....Southern Miss is a good home team, so i hope they squeak out the win.....Final Score Prediction: UTEP-63 USM-67

Marshal @ UCF---Marshal is known for developing a case of "Road Rash" and id expect no different tonight as UCF is in Payback mode since they lost to Marshal 71-75 earlier this year & it will be hard for Marshal to duplicate shooting 59% from the field and making 14 blocks again on UCF's Homecourt......UCF gets payback tonight.................................Final Score Prediction: Marshal-64  UCF-75



Best of luck to all & GET MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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all the best today Griff- cash em hard!!!




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Smash it today, Griff.  That Rebs/Cocks line has smelled like b'dussy since it opened last night.

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S. Miss has played close to the line with exception of Memphis game where they had their backside whipped. To me they are excellent teaser team.

Did you play Missouri yesterday? I completely missed the angle of RPI help that a win would have given Missouri's chances for March. Kicking myself right now

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Thanks Madman & Lesh, hope yall have a Great Day!


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Great stuff, Griff. The write-ups were good, too.....

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Good luck griff.


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well the bayou bengal shit the bed last night, but congrats on calling the Mizzou ML.  They hit clutch down the stretch and brought home the bacon. 

Missy State @ 'bama............ State dawgs looking to end season, as it just keeps getting worse.  Bama in position to dance, and should give big blow early first half here.  Dawgs have gotten some 2nd half action in this year, primarily d/t getting waxed at opening tip, however, I guess, Bama can do what they will in this spot, a DD win for sure.  Maybe OM's are trying to scare w/ the heavy lumber laying in this one, IDK, but state has been a straight up fade cash cow regardless.  Agree w/ your prediction, but have concerns about tide losing interest & generally don't lay DD's in conference, but this would be one I would.

aTm @ auburn is tighter than dick's hatband.  Tigers do shoot FT's very well and aggies have hung around all season.  lean to Auburn to get the win here though, as aggies season is done, and they to, do not have the bodies to go on the road.  Tigers due for that big home winner, and think they bring the hustle tonight; a new venue late season conference game where the road team is under staffed; tigers have shown some life this year, and home crowd jeers it on to a meaningless victory.  Despite aTm "need" to win, well, I "need" alot of shit too - but that doesn't mean I'm going to get it.

Vandy @ UK..........the pole cats stank it up in a game I thought they would win against UT.  Not only lost, but embarrassed.  Now the bounce back?  IDK, Calamari has lost control of the show boat traveling salesman gig, and team doesn't show much concern.  Vandy nothing special and should get beat by 20, but tucky's scoring woes all season, bad attitude, and general disinerest smell trouble for the cats.  The season has been a failure and I think they have thrown in the towel.  Tempting to back blue to resurrect after catostrophic performance last outing; but the writing is on the wall.  A game to steer clear, as Vandy is plodding along doing their thing, and the cat is out of the bag.  Calamari probably has sanctions looming in the closet again getting blue crew together, and can see the whole ball of wax going down the shitter soon.

Missy @ SoCar.........the antics have ceased in oxford and been singing the blues on the road, however, SoCar could roll over here if Missy gets going early.  The #6 (Rj's thread yesterday, got me thinking, LOL) is always a beast to lay on the road.  I always like getting the home team +7 in these types games, as it's always amazing how many times they cover despite discrepancies.  I think the chalk is a cunt hair high, but right team favored.  Chicken may surprise, but think they get oven baked before final buzzer.  I think your prediction is on the $$$ (+/- 1.5).  Tough game ATS.

Auburn (-1) is my early call to beat the new kid on my c*ck, playing the baby home fav.  Might follow some leans as the day winds, who knows?  GL & great thoughts - Griff, get 'em.


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All the best to you today Griff

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Hahaha Thanks NL, Bruno, Jeff, Neutral, & RB, Hope yall have a cashfilled evening

@Neutral, hell yea i cashed on Mizzou, but still peturbed with LSWHO....If i were you, i'd be looking to Tease UTEP up, rather than Southern MIss down b/c UTEP could win this game outright....hope not, but i dont have a good feeling about this one for USM

@RB; Great stuff brother, Bama is my Best Bet of the day & only one i'll be making in the SEC....agree with you that Auburn has been tough at home & Frankie Sullivan has missed the past two weeks as well...but that game just sucks all around to me, no dog in that fight.....Always appreciate & enjoy your thoughts & hope the day treats you well!

What I just Bet:




Three Teamer----Bama-15, UTEP+7.5, UCF-7.5----Pays 6X1


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