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Dave's CBB Tuesday

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Dave Essler
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I'll retrieve this tomorrow. Football is everyone's focus tonight. It'll be my focus, too, but not til 8:30 EST. In the interim...

Duke/FSU: No line yet since Amile Jefferson is expected to miss the game for Duke. Obviously Grayson Allen is back, and Duke lost their only true road game without him at V-Tech. Last year FSU lost at Duke - so everyone will probably be on the 'Noles here, so I'd either find a way not to be, or look at the total. Both teams have big road games this weekend - clearly FSU's GOY at home as far as the crowd is concerned. What I suspect happens is that FSU and their youth might be a little too hopped up early and Duke hangs for the 1H. Not having Jefferson will clearly impact Duke's bench, and with FSU's pace that should show up later. The matchup clearly favors FSU since Duke's defense is more perimeter oriented, and FSU has far more length.

Baylor/WVU: Tough for me to fade WVU at home, or not take Baylor getting a couple of possessions. Baylor lost to them twice last season, so this may just be a bad matchup for the Bears. Teams that beat Baylor last season were, for the most part, the up tempo teams like WVU. By the same token WVU's soft spot has been the ugly teams - Temple and T-Tech this season, and similar styles last season. I'll probably look at the over, like many people will, simply because both teams are great offensive rebounding teams, so there's the "and one's" all night, depending on the officiating. This is another game where Baylor has the size but not the bench, so this could well be the Bears 1H and WVU big 2H.

Indiana/Maryland: Inasmuch as the Terps have been a team I have struggled to get right, I do like them here. This is the Hoosiers first true road game (well, not really, they lost at Fort Wayne) and they're just as young as Maryland. With two young teams there's a lot more uncertainty for me - both teams have had turnover issues, which would preclude me from taking the Hoosiers regardless. A close game, but the Terps' ability to get to the line a bit more would give them the nod.

Other leans:

Texas Tech: K-State's weak non-conference schedule haunts, and that game against Kansas can almost be thrown out due to the rivalry thing. Tech's losses have all been to quick teams, which K-State is not.

Villanova: I'd love to find a way to take Xavier with the points, but 'Nova has SJU next so no reason whatsoever not to be focused on this game. Add that to the fact that Xavier gave them one of their two conference losses last season.

Vanderbilt: They have one of the best little-known home court advantages in the NCAA

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Definitely some great match ups tomorrow evening as everyone turns their eyes to college hoops.  Look forward to your follow up.

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Dave Essler
. A close game, but the Terps' ability to get to the line a bit more would give them the nod.

Well done again Dave I got the terps at +1.5 outright winner

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