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Questions to the forum - that I need answers to.........

Thread Starter Questions to the forum - that I need answers to.........
razorback fan
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Obviously out of conference on some of these, but have a few questions today:

Q1:  Old Dom (-7.5)............. laugh out loud, is this freakin' nuts?  Monarchs getting steamed w/ a 3-23 record (ha, albeit 2 of those WERE @ home) against Wilma.  Obv. it tis asking alot for dommy to even win a game, but this spread seems "fictious".  Serious odor going on here. 

Is something up?


Q2:  UCF (-6.5)...............down from 7.5 and dropping.  100% (not 99%) ML and lop on the side ats as well.  Marshall (1-10) on the road and victim of despicable beats.  Throw in a 4-16-1 ats record, they could be the worst team to back this year on the road.  Is UCF facing sanctions, or the team bus careen off the cliff?


Jeff Scott Sports
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I thought the same thing. For this team to be favored by this much is crazy. Im staying away because of the line though. ODU shouldn't be favored by more than 3 or 4 over anyone.

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RBF N.C. Wilm. plays like crap away from home and i actually have ODU -4.5 tonight

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Sue sez OD should be laying 4.5 so the chalk is large. The Seahawks are 1-13 on the road, but then the Monarchs are 1-14 at home. Gotta take the 7.5.

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Tony George
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RB - If it smells like dogshit is usually is......just like you are on fire....line stinks like a trap.....


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Dave Essler
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Since ODU got rid of their long-time coach Blaine Taylor, they've been playing spirited basketball. They've been playing a much quicker pace, jacking up many more three balls, and it looks like just having fun. More or less saying "WTF" anymore. Wilmington way too young and way too many turnovers to back on the road, IMO. Now, laying those points may not be the way to go, but by process of elimination it's ODU or nothing.

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No Limit
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I got ODU at -4 but NC wilmington is bad away from trask, PASS.


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I ran my numbers for you and I have ODU between -4 and -5 and the total at 133.5.  Hope that helps.  No clue about injuries, coaching changes, etc.  Just numbers.  

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Looked at it real hard myself. It was ODU or pass, but points were too much. It's now ODU -7.5 at sportsbook. 


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razorback fan
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Thanks for the responses, alot of good info there.  I'm staying away from Old Dom and Wilma 2nite, be interesting to see what transpires.  Looks like the monarchs might need extra security in place tonight, but 7.5?  C'mon man.......

Someone is dumpster diving on today's card for whatever reasons, reminds me of the hat in caddyshack, "you buy this and you get a free bowl of soup?!,"  "oh, but it looks good on you!"



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