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Young Mom Strips for phone pic in front of toddler!

Thread Starter Young Mom Strips for phone pic in front of toddler!
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Very out of character post for RJ.

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I know I'm supposed to say she's a terrible human being....BUT DAMN SHE'S HOT!!!

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Very distasteful

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Nice hickeys on her breasts, gosh this is bad.

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6-5 that she is not sure who the father is

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The really creepy thing is... she was alone in the room and the child didn't appear until the film was developed....

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nice get up!! shop at k-mart or what!!? I think that is a tattoo studio? the person in the background is not a kid! it is a midget tattoo artist! Not even going to comment on the markings on the brests...could it be stage 1? Yikes! LOL!


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                                         what is that black stuff just above her thong?




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