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Announcement: David Malinsky joins

Thread Starter Announcement: David Malinsky joins
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David Malinsky joins editor-in-chief of our upcoming News division. The goal of News is to be the first organization to comprehensively cover the sports betting industry with impartial and uncompromised journalistic standards.

This will be a long and winding journey, but what's certain is NO ONE is better suited to guide the way as David Malinsky. David's total focus will be news (written, radio, and video). He will personally be writing a 5-day-a-week column titled Point Blank. Due to the possibility of journalistic conflict and/or distraction, David will NOT be selling picks. On my wish list for editor-in-chief, David was #1 and there was no #2.


David Malinsky is into his fourth decade of helping to set the pulse of the Sports Betting world, after first hearing that special heart-beat as a professional journalist in the late 70's. He published the first issue of The Gridiron Report in 1981, when beating the game became a full-time quest - eventually leading to his move to Las Vegas in 1988. Throughout the 90's David could be heard as the host of the legendary Stardust Line radio show - in addition to expert contributions across countless media outlets.

Throughout his storied career, David has been intimately involved with each of the industry’s three essential platforms. As a professional bettor, participating in the famed Stardust Lottery on a daily basis, plus two separate multi-year periods working exclusively for the most successful syndicate the sports betting world has ever known. As an oddsmaker, serving as a paid consultant for multiple Nevada Hotel/Casino properties. And, from the other side of the counter, over 10 years of experience developing sportsbooks across the Latin America/Caribbean region. Dave Malinsky has seen it all from point-blank range, and he’s willing to share his unique perspective with you. But the genuine passion for Winning has never waned, and he continues to put into play a working encyclopedia of edges when the bell rings each day.

RJ Bell - Founder & CEO | Twitter: @RJinVegas

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Welcome on Board, Dave !!

David Malinsky
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There is likely going to come a time, health-permitting, when I will have spent more time devoted to beating the game in Sports Betting than any person that ever lived. It has been a choice all the way – there were some fantastic opportunities across other fields placed in front of me, but I have never found anything that could rival the challenge that learning to win brings. To be able to climb the mountain means developing so many parts of your own consciousness, but what really separates this particular exercise from other quests is that when you reach the summit you are not finished – you are actually just beginning. Staying on top requires an entirely different level of skills because of the way that betting markets adapt, and when you look back down, the path you used to get there has often been blown away.

That is a long-winded way to share my passion for Sports Betting, but it matters here because one of the first things that happened to me when I saw that view from the summit is that I want others to be able to achieve that same experience. So I have explored and contemplated how best share the knowledge of how to navigate those paths to become a Winner. And now it is coming into clear focus.

Through many hours of discussions with RJ Bell, our mutual passion for Sports Betting has been evident, and so has our desire to deliver that missing link - what this industry has not had seemingly since the inception - a “Wall Street Journal” of sports betting. A place where the key news that a Sports Bettor needs can be found in one setting, and also the editorial guidance of how to best use that information. The goal of News is simple yet bold: to be the first organization to comprehensively cover the sports betting industry with impartial and uncompromised journalistic standards.

Hell, there have been many that specifically did not want a lot of this information to be available. But the time for secrets has passed. The process of developing a News Division for Pregame will be a fantastic way of getting bettors a key step closer to winning, and the creation of my daily “Point Blank” column, one that will actually put the bettor directly on that winning path, will showcase the fact that yes, you absolutely can Win. 

The thrill of “The Action” brings many of you to the betting world each day. Once you can feel the thrill of “The Win”, you may never leave…

David Malinsky
Editor In Chief – News

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I was waiting for Pregame News !!

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David Malinsky
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Monday - 8/11/14

Point Blank

(adj.) – So close to a target that a weapon may be aimed directly at it.

(adv.) – Without hesitation, deliberation or equivocation.

Welcome to Point Blank. And settle in for a ride that that will be fast when there is a need for speed; slower when patience is called for; and yes, occasionally turbulent.

This will be a journey about Winning, and also being a Winner. There is more than a subtle difference between the two. The navigational charts needed to reach the destination are not necessarily the one’s that will keep you safely afloat once you arrive. There are no docks - some of the greatest minds I have met were able to sail into the Winner’s harbor, and then got taken right back out as the same tide receded. Drop anchor? You may successfully do that in most other endeavors; not this one.

The Betting Markets shift, much as a tide changes, but not with the same predictable regularity. Players and coaches change and adjust. Oddsmakers change and adjust.  So our aim is to plot courses that lead to genuine edges at the current betting lines, and also to be aware when those edges have dulled, and a changing tide calls for significant adjustments.

Each of these columns will be part of an on-going journey to that place where the edges on a sporting event can be seen so clearly that it is time to pull the trigger and play. That is what is known as “Point Blank” range.

Each day the betting board is going to be viewed both from the particular edges that can lead you to win on that card, and also of the general skills and disciplines necessary to win in the long run. There will be a sorting through those waves of information that are available to show what can work for you, what once worked but no longer does, and what can be discarded completely (Hint: It is the vast amount of “misinformation” that gets out there each day that is actually one of our best friends).

Yes, you absolutely can win. There is a course across those waters.

Let’s begin by setting the proper goal. Singular goal - not “goals” - because there should only ever be one. Do not think about reaching particular financial plateaus. Do not bother with notions of trying to hit certain percentages over any given sports cycle. Start here, and strive to stay here –

 “Win the next bet”.

That is where the proper journey begins. Never fog your sight with more than that. Reduce the clutter of extraneous notions, and seek the clarity of edges on an event that tell you a winning expectation is genuinely at hand. When you can do that, it means that you are betting from “Point Blank” range.

 In the sights…

It will not be a surprise to see Pittsburgh money in the marketplace today – to fade a Tiger team having to travel after playing 19 innings will be a natural for many, especially with the Soria-less bullpen getting stretched pretty thin. But that may open a door. That marathon was of no impact to Justin Verlander, who had already traveled ahead to Pittsburgh, and who has steadied his game after getting more than a week off for the All Star break – a 2-1/3.14, with a 1.12 WHIP. But here is where the value focus can sharpen – Verlander has worked to a 1.80 tune over the first five innings of those four starts. With Neil Walker likely to hit the DL it is a woeful Pirate offense right now, and while Jeff Locke has been steady, the Detroit offense would currently win the Triple Crown vs. left-handers on the park-adjust offensive tables. The markets may create a solid First Half value to Verlander and the Tigers, and you should allow them the time to do so (-110 or less should be there at some point).

Teddy Covers
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I'm VERY excited to be working with David moving forward; a class act AND a true sportsbetting guru...

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Welcome to Pregame Dave!  Looking forward to learning a lot from you!

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Welcome to Pregame Dave

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Welcome to the Pregame team Dave!

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