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My Mom is 77 but.......

Thread Starter My Mom is 77 but.......
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I'm taking her to see Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult.  Yes


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Deep Purple used to have there albums, great rock of yesteryear.

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"Don't Fear The Reaper" is a BOC classic.

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More Cowbell!

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hell those bands are so old your mom might be a young hottie at that concert.. jk

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Just saw Boston and Cheap Trick last weekend in Vegas at Hard Rock.....sounded damn good.

Hope You and your Mom have a great time! Rock On!

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Oh let her have a little fun I'd say.  Shit, they're old enough to be her Girlfriend.  I post a pic or 2.


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That's cool, you never know she may even spark one up....LOL!


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