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Coming Soon, Saratoga and Del Mar

Thread Starter Coming Soon, Saratoga and Del Mar
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While I am not a thoroughbred handicapper, I have friends who are, and who are very good at it. This will be the first season I will have the time to perhaps follow them and in doing so, will be happy to share any selections at these two tracks with the Pregame Community. According to my friends, Del Mar and Saratoga are the two best race tracks for thoroughbred racing in the country. When I asked why not Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is held? It would seem only obvious that Churchill Downs would certainly be ranked in one of the top two tracks in the country, for handicapping the most talented horses. I was told, that The Derby is only one race, and while it may be "The Race" of the industry, (a race every owner and trainer dreams of winning) Saratoga and Del Mar have the most expensive, well bred, and talented horses competing on a daily basis in the country. After doing a little research, I tend to agree. You will never see a $5000 claiming race at Del Mar or Saratoga.

So needless to say, I will be more than happy to share the "best bets" handicapped by these longtime cappers, who look forward to these two meets every year, with reasons for each selection. I will only share the very best selections according to these handicappers whenever I get them, in the Other Sports Section of the forum. Sharing information, and letting posters decide for themselves, what if any value they feel is contained in these selections is all we can ask of each other in any sport. This will be my first year in following and wagering on horse selections. According to my friends (two darn good handicappers at these two tracks) and what I have read, what better tracks to start sharing, then at  these two icons in thoroughbred racing?  

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Awesome stanislaus. I love this time of year because of these two meets and the opening of NFL training camps. Thanks for the offer to share your friends expertise.

There are some really good horse cappers on here, but the more the wealthier. These meets have great races that help fill the Breeders' Cup card.

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Excellent and can't wait.  Thanks Stanislaus!!

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Saddle up those ponies and let's go !! Looking forward to your posted selections, Stan !!

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Thank You Stanley    Hope You take into consideration the type of Vitamins those Horses are taking. BOL   !!!    $$$

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It's all about the vitimins Stan, remember?

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I thought you would be posting The track you are more familiar with at the fairgrounds

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Ho, ho, ho! Santa Claus delivering Del Mar/Toga presents! Can't wait!!

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Can't wait Stan, I am sure these fellas you know will be looking for some great value/prices. As I am sure you are aware, can't pay the rent on 6/5!!!

BOL!!!  $$$

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