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Fezzik's Focus: Getting to good bets late: Tuesday 7/15/2014

Thread Starter Fezzik's Focus: Getting to good bets late: Tuesday 7/15/2014
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No Audio Today.

I bet the AllStar game UNDER 8-110.   I gave it out UNDER 8-125 Sunday early evening.

The under was a clear cut correct play to me.

NOW, the under is UND 7.5 -125.  IF it closes there, I think it is hard to make a case for the under at basically the same price as UND 8-147.

HOWEVER, what if the UNDER 7.5 closes at -133?  How would you guys feel about UNDER 7.5 -125 then?

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I would feel awful, destroyed and devastated. My feelings would be emotionally hurt.

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What about UN 3.5 +100 First 5 Innings? The rationale, in my mind, would be that the pitching will have a significant edge early, but 3rd & 4th plate appearances by some starters, combined with facing the 2nd/3rd tier of pitchers could lead to more hits/walks after the 3rd/4th inning, than before.  Thoughts, sir?

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Think about the folks who decided to buy Apple stock 6 yrs ago even though they missed the better price 2 yrs before that. You think today they regretted not getting the best price?

You're not always going to get the best price --- if you're still getting what you feel as value, then you can't sit on your laurels because you missed the "best price." I've sat many times after missing the best price and been angry watching the play roll on to easy victory.

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