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I'd love to be with VR right about now...

I'd love to be with VR right about now...
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Have nothing bad to say about VR.  Bet looked good till 4th.  Sometimes the cookie crumbles that way.  Every square bettor i know was on bama.  I just want nfl picks for free tomorrow.  VR IM with nfl winners, we cool.

The less you bet the more you lose when you win.
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if so then he lost the teaser also.......

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Well I learned my lesson. I bought two different "pro's" GOM the last couple of weeks( both losers) and the GOY yesterday (loser).  I used smart money management (although it's a "GOY" so I bet a little more than usual) so I didn't lose too much. I am now officially done buying any picks on here. I think if a pro wants to through up a GOM/GOY etc., then when it fails they should give something back to the customer like their NFL picks for that week or college picks the following week for free.

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I think they should give back the money paid for the GOY/M picks. Seriously if a guy comes to me and says 'I can do an AWESOME job on you shower floor' and he sucks, he not getting paid. It would also SLOW down the endless supply of GOY/M we keep seeing posted multiple times a year.

Let me also say this - JD did everything he could to warn people. He had a post pegged about VR's GOY and damn near warning people not to bet it. I think JD is a closet Bama fan from our interactions years back but none the less, read his post. I saw it and thought I wouldn't buy after reading this (though I haven't paid for a pick in 15 years or more).

JD you guys should seriously consider requiring all GOY/M to be money back. Be willing to risk if it is in fact THAT GOOD...else don't use the phrase.

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Must chime in here to VR's defense:

He wants to give out Winners. This is NOT some scamster throwing darts at the Boards; VR wants to win, period.

No one in their right mind wants to put their name and reputation on the line to have egg on his/her face after a losing selection.

it is up to US, the public, to best manage whatever resources we have to beat this handicapping business.

VR, JD, RJ, Marco and company does NOT twist our arms and make us do anything that we have not already chose to do; remember WE chose THEM to assist us in our chosen endeavor. WE want to be winning bettors. THEY want to be winning handicappers.

I have seen VR be right-dead-spot on on those free picks on those great videos. If you can manage to NOT put all your eggs-in-one-basket-betting, as I know many of you do, you would not post these ridiculous posts in Threads to bash the person/people YOU choose to assist you.

We ALL are going to get games wrong. Show me a 100% handicapper and I will pay you for the rest of your life. I have posted this many times before, and yet no one wants my money for the rest of their life. Sometimes Silence is truly golden.


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option #2,because VR dont drink

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Jax, I am not sure how many times you have gone down on these guys, but your statements are obvious and yes true in many ways; however, what is wrong with a MBG (money back guarantee)?  It is their GOY right?  I mean players would more often than not buy more if they too felt like they were getting something in return if it did lose. And...if it won, then the player is happy and buys the next package or GOY.  I have.  

The fact that VR and many others are promoting this one game "GOY" so heavily, and also betting on it means that they have a lot at stake. The thing is that the player who DOES NOT have to buy these heavily hyped plays, will lose money on purchase and on the game; whereas, the "PRO" will either profit from others buying it, or break even at worse if it loses.  If no money back, then offer your next three GOY in various sports for FREE!  Only looking for solutions.  

Early in the morning, so my best analogy would be that if a consumer buys a defective product from Best Buy or Target, then they should accept it as a tough break?  NO, of course not.  I mean, nothing in life is a 100% guarantee right? Point is that players/consumers are buying these things with the idea that all things will be:  working / winning, and if not, then he/she should be able to return it, or get money back/compensated in some way.  

If I am wrong or off by thinking this way, please tell me how.  Otherwise, stop posting GOY or stop calling yourself a PRO and stop taking money on this game.  Perhaps only give your regular players who buy your pkg, this game for FREE!!!   


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Money management....really...did I once say I bet a lot? All you guys get off by screaming money management when a play loses. You don't know how much I bet. Do your job and win or give me my money back or more plays in return.

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Bahh Bahh little lambs...keep playing these GOY's and you wont even be able to pay for your internet soon...

Dave Essler
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Kayley cooper

But like sheep; dizzy them into a line of lables and they follow. RJ has built a world of info and a BUSINESS; not charity.  

VR once said he sells picks and was in forum because he wanted to be part of something and share; he got his wish. Part of business and its profits.

It seems to me based on history that you've got more of a personal agenda here. If GOY's are worth fading and simply getting them elsewhere, hence avoid paying for them, then they must have some sort of value to you. 

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