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I bet Auburn to win it all at 400 to 1

Thread Starter I bet Auburn to win it all at 400 to 1
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Hey guys as many of you know back in May I bet USC at 60 to 1 to win the college football national championship. I did a large write-up with reasoning which you can see here:

Well, around the same time I also bet Auburn at 400 to 1. I won't go into a long write-up, instead I will just note that Auburn has a lot of talent and a new coach who should definitely be an improvement. They get Georgia and Alabama at home at the end of the season and also have a bye before the Bama game.

Should they be favored to win it all? No, of course not. But I definitely see value at this price.

(Note: I bet this back in May before RJ mentioned recently in his Grantland article that he talked to some sharps who had bet Auburn. After reading that I felt even better about my bet.)*

*They are still available at 400 to 1.

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BOL dub.



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NL- thanks bud.

Dennis- looks like that will be my new motto :)

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War Eagle, dawg

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They will be much better this year, Gus Mahlzon is an outstanding offensive mind and will get that program on track in a hurry

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Best w/ the burn.

I have watched Gus going on 10+ years now in both HS & College and I can honestly say I have never met anyone more driven - sure have met some equal - but there are limits to how driven one can be.  He has a big tree trunk on his shoulder and this is his shot to prove alot of longtime loudmouths wrong.  Frank Broyles being public enemy a-hole #1, and Gus has limited time for him to eat crow and personally would love to see that old buzzard suck it up publically.

L2Y I bit into the coaching experience and methadology that gus would not have impact or surfactant d/t his job hopping; but boy was I wrong.  Mo-Fo is contagious and I wish him well.  I do not see the tigers winning the west even, but Gus has proved me wrong before and he will not rest until this demon is exercised.


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We shall see.


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Appreciate your insights RBF!

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I love you Dub but........No......hahaha....Good luck man.

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LOL Fault, Yes

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