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CFB National Championship BOMB! (WINNER)

Thread Starter CFB National Championship BOMB! (WINNER)
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CLEMSON + 7    Bomb      WINNER
Play Against - Favorites of 3.5 to 10 points (ALABAMA) excellent offensive team (>=440 YPG) against a team with a good defense (280 to 330 YPG), in non-conference games
32-10*over the last 10 seasons.**(*76.2%*|*21.0 units*)

The SEC is 5-6 SUATS in bowl games this season, while the ACC is 8-3 SU and 9-2 ATS – including 2-0 SU/ATS versus the SEC.

Clemson is 3-13 SU in its last sixteen games against the SEC, but 8-3 ATS as dogs of more than 3 points in those games.

Clemson has only been an underdog twice year, winning outright in both instances (as a one-point ‘dog each time) vs. Louisville and Ohio St. The Tigers have been ‘dogs in six straight bowl games, going 6-0 ATS with five outright wins. They own a 13-4 spread record with 10 outright victories in 17 games as ‘dogs dating back to 2011.


UNDER 51       SHIT Play Under - All teams where the first half total is 25 to 28 after allowing 125 or less rushing yards in 2 straight games against opponent after allowing 75 or less rushing yards in 2 straight games
41-15*since 1997.**(*73.2%*|*24.5 units*)

Image result for clemson hotties    Good luck guys


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Looks like a trifecta sweep BOL Bud!!!

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Fun fact: The last name of girl in your picture is Watson... Foreshadowing? Symbolic? We shall see... Go Tigers.

2016 Fall Season (Beginning CFB Week 1):

CFB: 104-96-10 52.0% ATS, -1.4u -0.6% ROI; 7-1 87.5% ML, +18.1u 87.6% ROI, 21-13 61.8% O/U, +6.16u 17.0% ROI

MLB: 2-1-2 66.7% ML & RL, +0.83u

NFL: 85-67-8  55.9% ATS, -4.0u -1.8% ROI; 3-7 33.3% ML, -1.2u -16.7% ROI

NBA: 17-10 63.0% ATS, +6.4u 21.2% ROI


Detroit Lions o7 RSW -145, 1.0u WINNER

Indianapolis Colts u9 RSW -150, 1.0u WINNER

New England Patriots o10.5 RSW -150, 1.0u WINNER

New Orleans Saints o7.5 RSW -105, 1.0u LOSS

Carolina Panthers u10.5 RSW -115, 1.0u WINNER

2016 NFL MVP: Aaron Rodgers +400, 0.5u PENDING

2016 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year: Sterling Shepard +850 0.5u PENDING

Today's Date: 1/25/17

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Casey, I am on the same 3 plays as well. Everyone is talking about Alabama Defense...yes they're good but I love the way Clemson D Line has been playing. Also, I do not think very highly of Hurts, as he seemed to be shaken sbd not very confident vs. Washington. He gers shut down just like JT Barrett. I am loving the monyline. The pressure is on Alabama to win b2b.

Getting 7 points in a predicted low scoring game with a better qb, after shutting down OSU and read option qb, I think Clemson wins by 7 points. I also will take an alternate line of it can get maybe 7/2 or 4/1.

Good luck man glad to see you thinking the same way.

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Looks like a trifecta sweep BOL Bud!!!

thanks bud.. hope so.. Clemson def will get after Hurts and he will struggle with that pressure..

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Good luck with the jungle cats bud!

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Has a freshman QB ever won a title?

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Good luck Casey.


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J Winston

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