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Phil Steele????

Thread Starter Phil Steele????
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I was really excited when Pregame announced Phil Steele was joining the Pregame family! The thing is I have not seen or heard one thing from him on the site and this is the time of year when we really would love to hear his insight on CFB/NFL??? So what's the word on Phil if anyone knows???

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RJ posted he will be doing a weekly radio show with Scott starting this week.. That post is still around.

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Just one of a few reasons why I bet a nice amount$$$ on Georgia last Saturday and Laid the points. Was because Phil was very high on the Bulldogs coming into the year. His #1 surprise team. Always have to respect his opinion. Glad he's a part of Pregame now.

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I am also really excited about Phil. My friend bought his package through the preview magazine, and said it was a good weekend. I loved the preview magazine, I bought it in July and am STILL just finishing the Power 5 conferences.

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