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If you look at the MLB props on the Betonline site for what the first pitch for each starting pitcher will be in the game, the odds are usually in the neighborhood of -180 to -200 for a strike and +145 to +180 for a ball. But for the Miami/Phi game the odds are reversed. For Fernandez the odds are +160 for a strike and -200 for a ball. Similarly, the odds for Burnett are +155 strike and -185 ball. I then checked on the % of strikes that Fernandez and Burnet threw in 2013 and got 66.4% for Fernandez (14th in league) and 64.6 for Burnett (33rd in league). Betonline had to have mistakenly reversed these numbers. I already loaded up on Fernandez. No guarantee, but the odds are all in my favor. Use as you wish. BOL

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GL, buddy.....I hope it cashes. These are the ones that they often screw clients with. They wait it out and if they win take your money and if they lose, cancel the play as an "obvious" error. These mistakes will tell you a lot about your chosen 'Book......

Just a note that as cool as it is to catch a blown line and share it (thanks), keep those for yourself. It usually does get back to them....but, why help? Extra action will just red-flag it for themYes

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Yeah I would pass on it as well, good way to get free rolled.  

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nice catch u see a bad line u jump on it u did the right thing gl to u. iceman in cali

chicago blackhawkkkkkkks rule, everybody else playing for 2nd.

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