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Does bruno still make picks?

Thread Starter Does bruno still make picks?
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I took a long extended break and came back recently. I uses to follow Bruno's picks did he leave?

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Yes he left

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Its too bad he always had great baseball insight!

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I went 2 buy piks for mah boy josh at dat site, and da birdy wuz getn his head kicked off in mlb.  shit wuz ugly for realz

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he s monitored at handicappers watchdog

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He did leave, believe his last post was around June 22nd. Know he is selling but unsure if he posting elsewhere, as he did here.

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I went 2 buy piks for mah boy josh at dat site, and da birdy wuz getn his head kicked off in mlb.  shit wuz ugly for realz

Poor Bruno His write ups are still awesome I bet

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Truth be told Bruno was not a winning capper. He got killed and sense turning tout I hear he is down over 20u. Write ups don't mean squat if you're always losing.

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Bruno IS a good capper.  thorough in his research, honest in his results and opinions, and one of the few people around here whose friendship over the last two years i value as much as anything.  what he brought to the table in information, insight, and willingness to share his experience mean more than his record or his unit count, at least to me.  i know that if he is in a down turn right now, he is working diligently to get it turned around for his clients.  I wish my friend well.

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