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WORLD OPENERS: 2016 MLB (+ Playoff Projections)

Thread Starter WORLD OPENERS: 2016 MLB (+ Playoff Projections)
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What is your best bet?

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I think the Braves rebound a little bit this year. I like them over.

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I will take the cardinals under the number.

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Padres Over

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Yankees over and I hate them

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Red Sox over...and I LOVE em!!



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Indians Under 92.5, Pirates Under 85.5, Yankees Over 83.5, Reds Over 73.5

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I think the Rockies should be able to win 4 more games than last year and finish above .500 for the first time since 2010.  Bud Black should be an upgrade at skipper with more expertise on how to handle the pitching staff.  They spent big $ (unusual for the frugal Rockies) bringing in Ian Desmond  who hit .285/.335/.446 with 22 home runs and 21 stolen bases with the Rangers last year while earning his second All-Star Game appearance. Looks like they are going to try Desmond at 1B which was a real weak spot for the Rockies offensively last year yielding only 18 home runs, tied for last in the National League and unacceptable at hitter friendly Coors field.  They should have Trevor Story back at SS who played in only 97 games last year which should make for a solid offensive infield (Arenado, Story, DJ LeMahieu, and Desmond) and in the outfield they have Blackmon, Cargo, Dahl, and Parra.  The starting 4 in the rotation look solid with Gray, Bettis, Chatwood, and Anderson although not much depth which could be an issue.  The real problem last year was the Rockies woeful bullpen's 5.12 ERA, the highest since 2004 and the sixth-worst in franchise history.  They did sign LHP Mike Dunn to a three-year, $19 million contract, the most the Rockies have ever spent on a free-agent reliever. Then the Rockies signed Greg Holland, a former Royals closer, to a contract that guarantees Holland $7 million this season (plus incentives).  “This is a team that gets it, and I think they are poised to make a run at the Dodgers and Giants,” Black said. “Am I going to guarantee how many wins?  No. I don’t think any manager will do that. But I’ll tell you this: We’ve got a good team, and our guys know it.”  Maybe Black is just blowing smoke trying to generate some excitement for the fans in Denver, but that's the most optimistim I've heard coming from this organization in quite a while.

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rangers under looks tasty.

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I'm liking the Pirates under and the Royals over.  February and March are brutal sports months...can't wait for baseball to start.

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