Lou Holtz: "Hitler was a great leader."


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Lou Holtz: "Hitler was a great leader."

Lou Holtz compares Michigan's Rich Rodriguez to Adolf Hitler.

For the second time in less than a week, ESPN analyst Lou Holtz has apologized for comments he made on the air. This time, the comments were more egregious and the fallout will be more severe.

During halftime of yesterday's Georgia Tech-Clemson game, Holtz gave an awkward apology, never saying what he was apologizing for other than that he had made comments about Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez.

On Friday night, Holtz said, "Ya know, Hitler was a great leader too." When Rece Davis tried to bail Holtz out by telling him that he meant to say Hitler was a bad leader, Holtz agreed.

But the bottom line is, Holtz made a reference to Hitler, while working for ESPN. And ESPN previously suspended Jemele Hill for a Hitler reference.

ESPN has issued a statement saying Holtz will not be disciplined. What do you guys think? Should Holtz be suspended? I'm sure he didn't mean it in the way it came out but in my opinion, any public figure dumb enough to ever compare someone to Adolf Hitler deserves to be reprimanded. It's just plain stupid.

  • i think that hitler was a great industrialist and had he continued along the path of industry i believe he could have made a tremendous contribution to world econemy. the world would have welcomed his ideals and sought to imitate those ideals.

    his hatered for the jews and lust for world domination was long before he came to power and got the betterof him..

    i believe that had he thought it thru and remained patient i think he could of convinced poland, yukoslavia, and the other surrounding slavic countries to unite with germany under one nation, with him as their leader, advancing and modernizing those joining nations with the latest advancements in industrial technology, creating good and satisfing prosperity while building up the military strength in each of those countries then hitler would have had a much greater advantage and possibly 3 times the power he had when he started ww2.

    but ya gotta luv lou no matter how funny and annoying he can be

  • It's a heck of a lot easier to get people to follow you when your country is badly impoverished and you can find a "common enemy" to blame it on.  When Hitler told his country they were poor and ill because of [insert minority here], it was as simple as blasting propaganda throughout his domain to keep everyone following him.  He was NOT a great leader - he capitalized on a sick, desperate population in need of an easy solution.  May he rot in hell.

    As for Lou Holtz, it's time to hang it up.  If Hitler is the best "leader" you can come up with, it's time to go back to 10th grade history.  Might I suggest, perhaps, in an effort to keep from looking like an ass, picking an American as a starting point?  We have had a few over the last 200-someodd years.

  • SUCK MY DITKA said:

    "Can you really hate a tiny 70 year old man with a lisp, who lead a team to essentially two national championships . . . ."

    Of course no one can hate a tiny 70-year-old man with a lisp who likes to hang out in locker rooms with young men.  The gay rights tolerance people wouldn't tolerate it.   We'd all be suspended and black balled from our jobs.

  • Was a great leader , just had some screwed up beliefs. You try and get that many people to follow you !

  • Every time you disrespect ESPN, Chris Berman sexually assaults an intern.  True story.

  • Frankly, after his Notre dame playing in the BCS title game statement, ESPN should of fired him on the spot.  If Jemel Hill was suspended for dropping the Hitler remark, then Corny Old-Ass Holtz should be suspended as well.  This goes to show you that ESPN gives a damn about female workers, but will give a deuschbag a slap on the wrist.

  • Yeah, everyone that said these things 10 months ago should suck it!

  • everybody shut up. Hitler did things as a leader no one has or ever will again. All the things were awful acts, he made an entire country follow him. And to the moron up there who said he did it with fear, shut up. Hitler brainwashed his people, most of the citizens of nazi germany agreed with the information Hitler feed them. As for Holtz, he is a person who has revolutionized nearly everything he has tried to do. He is a great humanist, also although he repeats statements in his speeches, they do pump you up. He may be dillusional, but Mark May is a fool. Hid snide attitude makes everything he says unbearable. Can you really hate a tiny 70 year old man with a lisp, who lead a team to essentially two national championships. 1988, and 1993 (one of the greatest blunders in college history)

  • Does no one understand the difference in a good person and a good leader.  Gangs that do drugs and terrible acts have a following because they have a good leader, not a moral, and good person that is an asset to society. Someone can lead you straight to HELL. That does make them a good person.

    My two cents

  • Just the blog value of all the comments on board here make the off hand comments or out of contex comments ,seem irrelevent,i agree Holt means well but he is  just a football man not a historian .It s too bad he came to broad cast booth at a late age in his life.he is good value for ESPN with his color commentary if he stuck too football that would be ok.

  • you guy need to listening and watch Lou Holts every football games.Because the old guy know what he talking about event if not a football subject. .Every words he said had value to it


  • Hitler was a great LEADER, just his ideals were srewed up.  But he got people to believe.  No denyingthat.

  • Because of the great vision of Hitler and his willingness to use humans   for experimental purposes, the effects of pressurization on the body became known.  

  • Who cares who is offended? The truth is an offense but not a sin. You people saying Hitler ruled by intimidation and fear are idiots. He didn't start killing people until AFTER he took over the country, AFTER he rebuilt their ecomony, AFTER he built the powerful nation that committed atoricities.  He didn't say Hitler was a great person who should be looked up to and admired. The fact is, Hitler had a way with people, he inspired his nation. Holtz shouldn't have had to apologize for anything. He didn't even say anything offensive. He is simply making a point that being a good LEADER does not mean that what you lead your people to do will be GREAT.