Football Picks: The Mush's Week 6 NFL Fades


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Football Picks: The Mush's Week 6 NFL Fades

Can you believe it? Thanks to the Texans meltdown, The Mush is coming off a winning week.

I'm a huge Seinfeld fan to the point where 40 percent of my spoken language comes from Seinfeld episodes (The other 60 percent comes from movie lines). One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes ever is when George Costanza does the opposite of everything he normally does because every decision he's ever made has been wrong. As Jerry said, "If every decision you've ever made has been wrong, then the opposite would have to be right."

I have this friend who has been gambling for 20 years and I think he's collected twice in his whole life. Luckily, he offers other services that provide a steady income. I won't get into specifics but let's just say he doesn't fill out a tax return at the end of the year. This guy is such a pear-shaped loser, that he's become known as "The Mush" to those of us who know him best. You want to see square. The only time this guy bets an underdog is when it's one of those obvious underdogs like the Cowboys getting two-points at Philly or something like that. People often ask me, "How do you win at sports gambling." While I never give them this answer, the obvious response is "Fade The Mush." The funny thing is, this guy actually thinks he's a good gambler. I once asked him, "When is the last time you collected?" His response was, "I collect all the time. You are the jinx. Every time I tell you my plays, I lose."

So I called The Mush this week and he's agreed to give me all of his plays this NFL season so I can track them. I got to thinking and I figured, why not share these losers with the Pregame community? So every week I will call The Mush on Thursday and ask him his plays, then post them here. Like I said, this guy is a born loser.

The Mush came out ahead last week thanks to the Colts miracle, going 3-2. He's now 10-12 on the season and he's really feeling his oats this week. He needed an extra day to "cap" games because as he put it, "This is my strongest card of the year." Mush even has a college play for everyone this week. Here you go:

Oklahoma -7
Mush said he's unloading on this game, which is good news for Bookie's everywhere. According to Mush, these teams may look even on paper but OU is the superior squad. "I really can't see this game being close. Who has Texas played? No one. How are they going to stop Oklahoma? They can't. Easy money." Apparently Mush hasn't taken a look at Oklahoma's schedule but right now, 74 percent of the people agree with him.

Fade The Mush: Texas +7

Vikings -13 (Best Bet)
It's hard to argue Mush's point that the Lions are the worst team in the NFL right now but he is downright giddy over this selection. "This could have been my Game of the Year. This terrible Lions team playing with some backup I never heard of? Are you kidding me? They can't make a line big enough to keep me off this game." The public is split right down the middle on this one but Mush doesn't mind laying the wood here.

Fade The Mush: Lions +13

Colts -4
Anyone who reads this column can't be surprised by this pick. I'm actually stunned that the Colts weren't his best bet this week. Apparently Mush wasn't watching the same game I was last week (I had the Colts as well and know I was darn lucky to win). According to Mush, "I told you the Colts would start a run last week and I was right. Joe Flacco? Please. This line is a joke. Colts roll here." Surprisingly, close to 60 percent of the public are against Mush on this one. Could they know something he doesn't?

Fade The Mush: Ravens +4

Broncos -3.5
Just so you know, Mush loves taking the Broncos at home. I'm actually stunned he didn't have them last week against the Bucs. I really like the Jags in this spot because I think their physical style of play will cause Denver problems. Mush and I went back and forth on this game for a while but he wouldn't budge, saying, "How can you back the Jags right now? They got smoked by the Steelers and shouldn't have beaten the Colts. Cutler will pass all over this saggy team. Good luck." I don't have the support of Mush or the public, with 57 percent of the money coming in on Denver.

Fade The Mush: Jaguars +3.5

Giants -7
A Monday special that Mush his calling his "MNF Game of the Year." Mush believes the Browns are all done this year and they will get blown out at home by the Giants. "That Crennel is clueless. He has no idea what is going on. How can Derek Anderson still be the starting quarterback? The Giants defense will eat him alive. This is a massacre." Apparently Mush and the 72 percent of the public missed the memo regarding home underdogs on Monday night.

Fade The Mush: Browns +7

Mush's Season Record: 10-12
Best Bets: 3-2

  • 1-4. Here we go.

  • Fading the Mush is a great way to make money

  • Just wanted to say Hello and enjoy reading your Blogs

    and all the picks on the forum. Im a member and a

    female so havent been on the forum. Saw where a guy

    was wanting to know if their was any females on here,

    yes there is. One answered him and Im on here. This

    forum is very good, I enjoy it.  Thanks to everyone who

    have taught me alot. Women do love to gamble.

  • Sorry Tommy but the Mush goes off this week in the NFL, I like his picks this week.  He goes 3-1 or 4-0