Slice vs. Shamrock: The Future of EliteXC Lies in the Balance


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Slice vs. Shamrock: The Future of EliteXC Lies in the Balance

The future of EliteXC resides on the thunderous right hand of Kimbo Slice.

On Saturday night MMA legend Ken Shamrock will step into the cage with Internet sensation Kimbo Slice with the fate of an entire company on their shoulders. After poor ratings, CBS is close to pulling the plug on the struggling EliteXC and if that happens, it would mean the company would cease to exist. So on Saturday, the future of millions and millions of dollars will be decided by a has-been and an overrated hype machine.

First off, I don't see this fight being close. I saw Shamrock's last "fight" with some tomato can named Robert Berry and it was a joke. I might as well have been in the ring because Shamrock threw about two punches before getting knocked out. As a matter of fact, Shamrock hasn't won a decision in over four years and hasn't even made it out of the first round in any of those fights, losing each by TKO. So, while Shamrock brings some name recognition to the table, that's about all he brings. He's old and washed up and will most likely get his head caved in by the hard punching Slice.

But in reality, that's what EliteXC is hoping to see on Saturday night. If Kimbo were to lose, that's it. The company would fold within the week. So while this fight is a joke to real MMA fans, that's what it is supposed to be. EliteXC doesn't want to see Slice lose and they picked a perfect opponent to make sure that doesn't happen. Shamrock has the name that casual fans know. Heck, I bet a lot of people have no idea that he hasn't won a fight in four years. The bottom line is this match-up will bring in the numbers EliteXC is hoping for, while giving its main attraction an easy win over an MMA legend. So for EliteXC, the only way they lose is if Kimbo loses.

I'm a big MMA fan, meaning I appreciate the skilled fighters in the sport. I believe any of them would beat Slice within a minute. However, on the other hand, Slice is like a train wreck where I just can't look away. There is something about his menacing look and huge right hand that draws people in. Here's an analogy. Who is the better boxer, Larry Holmes or Mike Tyson? No contest. In his prime Holmes had more skill than Tyson ever dreamed of having. Now, who would you rather watch fight? I would pay to watch Tyson fight when he's 60 because you never know what will happen. Kimbo is never going to be a skillful MMA fighter but every time he walks into the ring, all eyes will be on him. He just has that appeal.

So on Saturday night, we'll watch an unskilled street fighter knock out a 44-year old tomato can. And while the fight may last only 30 seconds, that's enough for EliteXC to stay in business for another month and that's exactly what they are hoping to get out of this match-up.

Will you guys be watching this fight on Saturday? Does anyone think Shamrock has a chance?

  • So much for EliteXC. What will Slice do now? Disappear? He has no appeal now so I'm guessing his MMA career is over.

  • kimbo was knocked out in 13 seconds by the replacement fighter, what a fraud

  • Slice is fighting Petruzelli


    Petruzelli +200

  • Shamrock is out definitely. Now it is "Slice vs TBA"

  • is that true xau?  I was just on my way out to go see the fights....

  • The Slice vs Shamrock fight has been canceled due to Shamrock training injury.

  • I may still attend this Fight after the Miami- FSU Game.. Kimbo Lives about 10 minutes from this Arena and hes Should Smash Shamrock , but if he doesn't finish him Quick the Old Man may be able to get him in a submission

  • they almost made a mistake with kimbos last fight. he could of easily lost that fight and they would of been done. they were quick to deny the rogers/kimbo fight. why? cuz rogers would beat the hell out of him. Kimbo beats shamrock fast and then comes the rogers fight.

  • My friends and I have made plans for a big cookout during the afternoon with football and then we will be watching this fight.  Should be an awesome time.  I think Slice is going to beat the hell out of Shamrock.

  • I think Kimbo has to win this fight, the only chance in hell Shamrock has if he gets him to the ground and puts a submission on him.   I think he is too small and too slow for this to punch might finish Shamrock