Football Picks: The Mush's Week 3 NFL Fades


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Football Picks: The Mush's Week 3 NFL Fades

Don't be like The Mush and get caught with your pants down on Sunday.

I'm a huge Seinfeld fan to the point where 40 percent of my spoken language comes from Seinfeld episodes (The other 60 percent comes from movie lines). One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes ever is when George Costanza does the opposite of everything he normally does because every decision he's ever made has been wrong. As Jerry said, "If every decision you've ever made has been wrong, then the opposite would have to be right."

I have this friend who has been gambling for 20 years and I think he's collected twice in his whole life. Luckily, he offers other services that provide a steady income. I won't get into specifics but let's just say he doesn't fill out a tax return at the end of the year. This guy is such a pear-shaped loser, that he's become known as "The Mush" to those of us who know him best. You want to see square. The only time this guy bets an underdog is when it's one of those obvious underdogs like the Cowboys getting two-points at Philly or something like that. People often ask me, "How do you win at sports gambling." While I never give them this answer, the obvious response is "Fade The Mush." The funny thing is, this guy actually thinks he's a good gambler. I once asked him, "When is the last time you collected?" His response was, "I collect all the time. You are the jinx. Every time I tell you my plays, I lose."

So I called The Mush this week and he's agreed to give me all of his plays this NFL season so I can track them. I got to thinking and I figured, why not share these losers with the Pregame community? So every week I will call The Mush on Thursday and ask him his plays, then post them here. Like I said, this guy is a born loser.

It was a huge week for The Mush as he went 4-1 and was a point away from going undefeated. I've been hearing it from him all week long and let me tell you something, an overconfident Mush is a losing Mush. He's 6-3 on the year but my guess is this is the week he comes crashing back down to earth. Here are The Mush's picks for Week 3 in the NFL. Remember, our play is on the bottom of the write-up, listed as "Fade the Mush."

Broncos -5.5 (Best Bet)
The Mush is 2-0 so far on his best bets and he's trying to make it three straight with Denver Sunday. Much to no one's surprise, 74 percent of the public agrees with Mush, who now thinks Denver is the best thing since sliced bread because he watched the Broncos/Chargers game last week. "The Broncos are my sleeper team this year. They will kill the Saints." Only The Mush can call a sleeper team after they start the year 2-0.

Fade The Mush: Saints +5.5

Bills -9.5
Again, Mush is with 70 percent of the money here. The Bills have looked great the first two weeks and Oakland has to travel cross-country for this one after beating the Chiefs last week. I look at this game and I see something fishy personally, but that doesn't scare The Mush away. "Is the same guy even coaching the Raiders? How can a team win a game when they don't even know who their coach is?" I mentioned to Mush that the Raiders actually won last week but it fell on deaf ears as usual.

Fade The Mush: Raiders +9.5

Panthers +3
I would have bet my life that The Mush was going to be on this game. I saw an 0-2 team with a new quarterback favored over a 2-0 team. That is a softball for Mush. Like I said, the only time he bets underdogs is when they are teams that have the perception they should be favored. "Gus Frerotte," Mush said laughing. "That guy sucks. The Vikings suck. Why are they favored? It makes no sense. This is easy money." Those last two sentences will someday be engraved on Mush's head stone.

Fade The Mush: Vikings -3

Colts -5
The Colts come in here getting close to 70 percent of the public backing according to Sportsbook Spy. I wasn't sure if Mush was going to take this one because the Colts have looked pedestrian in their first two games but as usual, Mush found the silver lining. "Last week is going to jump-start this team. This line is way too low. The Jags stink, that's obvious. The Colts will blow them out at home." I was leaning toward Jacksonville myself. Now I think I'm really on the right track after that great insight from Mush.

Fade The Mush: Jags +5

Mush's Season Record: 6-3
Best Bets: 2-0

  • Damn...  that's insane.

  • thank the mush for me.

  • We all know a "Mush"......this guy sounds like the typical mush. Watch out for that late play tho. If the Mush wins he will then justify those other 4 loses saying he doubled up and actually, somehow came out on top for the week . Heard it too many times. These guys don't know their ass from their elbow. HAHAHAHA

  • He has a small play on Dallas because he's a Cowboys fan. This is just an "I like Dallas and want to bet the game" pick.  Good luck.

  • hell yea , i only took those 4 today, so i am 4-0 but there is no way i can let the late game go, can u find out who he likes???

  • 0-2 early tommy hope he gets swepttt

  • He has some college plays hymanjt but he didn't like anything enough to give it to me this week. His only college play so far has been USC over Ohio State, so he's 1-0. I thought he might be on Florida this week but Colin Cowherd (his butt buddy) likes the Vols to keep it close.

  • I love fading people as well, does he do any college plays?? I am a college student so I know many cocky college kids that think they are professional cappers and fading them is your best bet, but i dont have a consistent person to go into so ill use the mushs nfl picks for sure.

    Keep posting!

  • I don't like seeing him on my Broncos, cause I like that play also.  Who knows how they'll react after that Charger game or how S.D. will react.  I'm hoping he's 3-0 on his best bets on Monday.

  • Hey, he's been hot deliveryman. Maybe he's got another winner with the Panthers.

  • actually carolin alooks  good....solid record as dog and Smith back.....outside of AP I don't think the Minn offense scares anyone.....control AP and Panther outright win is no surprise IMO