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1 Bigtime007 5229454.00 Archive Picks
1 jablau 5229454.00 Archive Picks
2 waterboy1988 5030552.50 Archive Picks
3 gdeliz 5132252.00 Archive Picks
3 mongoloid 5031452.00 Archive Picks
4 murray12dm 4931551.50 Archive Picks
5 DubV 4833450.00 Archive Picks
5 Mrwhitney 4833450.00 Archive Picks
6 Franchise28 4734449.00 Archive Picks
6 Joeaveragefan 4734449.00 Archive Picks
6 qdantzler 4835249.00 Archive Picks
7 marcstanley2 4735348.50 Archive Picks
8 cousinpro 4736248.00 Archive Picks
9 35goforit 4636347.50 Archive Picks
9 vincentho1 4535547.50 Archive Picks
10 1ets2ork3 4536447.00 Archive Picks
10 Damobet 4536447.00 Archive Picks
10 Romulan 4637247.00 Archive Picks
11 Bruegg 4437446.00 Archive Picks
12 elcid3 4539145.50 Archive Picks
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Hilton Contest 2011 – Pregame.com

Participation Type: OPEN Entry Cutoff Date: 9/11/2011
Type of Picks: Side Contest Has Stages? True
Lines Type: CUSTOM (STATIC) Stage Type: Weekly
Stage Time Period: Weekly Max Picks Per Stage: 5
Winning Criteria: Points Max Picks Per Contest: 0
Start Date: 9/8/2011 Min Picks Per Stage 5
Entry Begins: 9/6/2011 Min Picks Per Contest: 0
End Date: 1/1/2012 Max Picks Per Day: 0
Min Picks Per Day: 0 Tie Break Start Date: 9/14/2011
Tie Break End Date: 1/1/2012 Total Pick Elimination #:
Total Stage Elimination #: Total Race to Win #: 0
Prize 1: Sponsored Entry into 2012 Hilton Contest! Prize 2:
Prize 3: Prize 4:
Sponsor: Sport Type: NFL
  • Used chrome to make picks last week and it worked.  Now chrome, firefox and safari won't work.  Any ideas for those of us with macs?

  • I'm 1-1-1 after the 1st week?  It was an exciting idea to roll something new out as football season started, but a really shitty idea in practice.

  • FYI, the contest page doesn't work with Chrome. Found this out the hard way as my picks from last week weren't logged. Use Internet Explorer if you want the picks to count. Don't worry, despite forgoeing my 3-1-1 Week 1, I will still come from behind to win this contest.


  • I am 4-2 in the contest? Shouldnt it say 4-1?

  • When can you actually start making picks?

  • How can the leaders be 6-3 after the first week of the Hilton contest?  I thought it was only 5 games each week

  • When will the records update in the contests?

  • Where can I find a leader board or standings that shows more than 2 names?

  • Tenn





  • Tennessee, San Diego, Atlanta, Detroit, St. Louis

  • Foe some reason one of my picks isn't showing on my picks page, only 4 are shown with GB won already. Any help guys? going to add my fifth.

  • i keep getting an error that says.... "picks already entered at this stage."     I want, Minn, NYJ, Chi, Pitt, Den

  • Bears





  • Tampa Bay -1.5, Atlanta-2.5, St. Louis+4, Buffalo+5.5, Washington+3

  • cadillac pete...click on your name at the top of the page and look under ALL ACTIVITY on your page.

    EVERYONE...your picks in the comment section won't be counted unless you enter them by clicking the orange bar near the top of the page and following the directions until you receive confirmation. I'm also directing this at those looking to enter my ViewFromVegas.com Hilton Contest as you need to go to that page, register and make plays there.