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WWE Wrestlemania 31 Predictions, Start Time, Odds

Sunday March 29th and the WWE will present their biggest PPV of the year known as Wrestlemania. The 4 hour event event will take place at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California and has a start time of 7:00 pm (Eastern). It will be televised live on the WWE Network. Let's preview each match, which will include Odds and Predictions.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Title Match--- Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (4/7)  vs  The Usos (13/5)  vs  The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) (8/1)  vs Los Matadores (5/1).

This match will be part of the 2-hour Wrestlemania Kickoff show and it should be a fun one between 4 teams that just don't really like each other. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro have held the belts for a little over a month now, but they will be tested in this one. The New day consists of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E Langston and they have been making noise in the tag ream ranks of late. For this match it will be Kofi and Big E that will participate. The New DDay has gotten the better of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro of late and that usually doesn't translate that team having success at a PPV. Los Matadores has been around for a little while now and have been close to getting the belts, but have yet to hold the Tag Titles. They are an exciting high flying duo, but just not really tag title material. Los Matadores did beat the Usos recently, but I do see that happening here. The Uso are the team that could knock if Cesaro and Kidd, even with a hobbled Jey Uso. They have been here before and have had a long reign as Title holders. They have the experience and the heart, but I just don't see Kidd and Cesaro losing the belts just yet. PREDICTION: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

2nd Annual Andre The Giant Battle Royal--- Damien Mizdow (Even)... Shaemus (3/1)... Ryback (7/2)... Adrian Neville (15/2)... The Mizz (22/1)... Mark Henry (22/1)... Big Show (25/1)... Curtis Axel (25/1)... Erick Rowan (25/1)... Kane (25/1)... Titus O'neil (40/1)... Adam Rose (40/1)... Fandango (40/1)... Darren Young (55/1)... Heath Slater (55/1)... Zach Ryder (55/1)... Jack Swagger (55/1)... Sin Cara (55/1)... Goldust (55/1).

This was to be a part of the Wrestlemania main card, but it has now been added to the 2-Hour Kickoff show. Last year it was Cesaro that took this event and he will not be defending his win as he is in the Fatal 4-Way Tag match. Looking over the odds we note that Goldust and Jak Swagger are listed in the same odds range as Heath Slater and Zach Ryder. LOL are you serious. They probably won't win it, but I would at least have Jack Swagger a bit higher. I really don't see anyone in the 55/1 range winning this one and just one competitor stands out in the 40/1 range and that is Fandago, who has been having some good nights of late. Watch out for him. On thing I know is that the big guys like Big Show, Mark Henry and Kane rarely do good in these events as they also get thrown out by a mob of people. I don't see Curtis Axel having much of a chance and I fully expect the Mizz to get tossed out by Damien Mizdow, which will allow Damien a chance to finally get away from the Mizz and go out on his own. Shaemus will be making his return from a lengthy absence and he will be very dangerous in this match.  Ryback is also another big player in this match. It should come down to Shaemus, Ryback, the Mizz and Damien and i feel that that is the time for Damien to turn his back on the Mizz. I also See Damien winning the whole thing as well. PREDICTION: Damien Mizdow

Singles Match--- Randy Orton (6/4)  Vs  Seth Rollins (1/2)

This is the ultimate grudge match and should be a brutal contest between two guys that just don't like each other. Both of these men were apart of the Authority at one time until Orton showed signs of going rogue and was kicked out of the authority. This was done by a curb stomp from Rollins, which put Orton on the shelf for a few months. Back at Fastlane Orton came back and looked as if he was ready to join back up with the Authority. Orton said all the right things and gained the trust of Seth Rollins until an episode of Raw a few weeks back when Orton turned his back on Rollins in a tag match and then beat the hell out of him afterwards. Since then the two have been at odds and at one point it looked as if it broke up the Authority, but that was just a ploy of Rollins to play more mind games with Randy. This one should be a war and you can bet somehow some of the Authority will get involved here, but this is all about the Viper getting his revenge and I feel he will do just that in what should be a real exciting match. PREDICTION: Randy Orton

Divas Tag Match--- AJ Lee & Paige (2/9)  vs  The Bella Twins (11/4)

Ahhh my girl Paige in another PPV. This time she is teaming with one time enemy AJ Lee. The two have had their differences for sure, but they seem to be getting along right now and should be ready for a battle with the Bella Twins. The Bellas have been trying to drive a wedge between AJ and Paige and it seemed to work on Monday Night Raw, but on Smackdown the two showed Unity. They will be read for this match. Nikki Bella is the title holder and at some point I see her getting a title shot at her sister's belt. I feel the WWE would love that angle. For that to happen they would have to eventually implode. Could it happen here? Not sure, but the other possibility I see if for the 4 Divas in this match to possible have a fatal 4-Way for the title somewhere down the road. I think that would be awesome. Still we have this match before us at Wrestlemania and I expect these Divas to put on a good show. Nikki Bella has the Title and this match isn't for the title, so I fully expect Paige and AJ to take this match. PREDICTION: Paige & AJ Lee

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match--- Daniel Bryan (2/5)... Dean Ambrose (3/1)... Bad News Barrett (8/1)... Dolph Ziggler (8/1)... R-Truth (14/1)... Stardust (22/1)... Luke Harper (25/1)

Ladder matches are always fun and they create allot of chaos and high risk moves and this one should be no different. BNB is the current holder of the IC Belt and I will start off by saying that I don't expect him to have it at the end of this. I don't see R-Truth or Stardust being victorious here and Luke Harper may not even be involved as his is nursing an injury. That leaves the top 4. Dolph Ziggler is a huge fan favorite as is Dean and Daniel and while I would love to see Dolph win it because it is a title that suits him, I just can't see it happening, but I could be wrong on him. Dean Ambrose would make a solid choice, but he is just a bit too insane and I see him doing something crazy that will take him out of the picture here. That leaves the favorite Daniel Bryan and I feel he is the favorite for good reason. the WWE keeps making mistakes with him and the fans keep booing. With him not in the WWE title picture right now, the WWE would do good to get some of the fans off their backs by giving DB the only title he has never held. This one will be fun and at the end of it we will have a new Intercontinental Champion. PREDICTION: Daniel Bryan  

United States Championship Match--- Rusev (11/4)  vs  John Cena (2/9)

It really is a bit strange to see John Cena competing for a title other than the WWE Title, but here we are as he is competing for the United States title vs Rusev, who has been named the Bulgarian Brute. This rivalry started back before Fastlant when John Cena became really fed up with Rusev attacking and bad mouthing the United States. Just too much for Cena to handle and he will try and shut Rusev up in this one. It will not be easy as Rusev has yet to taste defeat by either pinfall or submission in the WWE and he did beat Cena back at Fastlane, by making him passout to the Accolade. This one should be a war with plenty of national pride on both sides, but their has been one absence from the corner of Rusev and that has been Lana. A few weeks back on Raw Cena came out and attacked Rusev and Lana made a decision for Rusev to face Cena if he let Rusev go. Cena did, the match is set and Lana is now out of a job or will she return for this one? We will see. I have felt all along that when Rusev loses his first match it will be at Wrestlemania and as weird as it is to see John with a belt other than the WWE Title I feel that he will walk away with it here. PREDICTION: John Cena 

Singles Match--- The Undertaker (1/4)  vs  Bray Wyatt (5/2)

Ahh the dead man returns, but it it hard to know what we will get from him as he hasn't wrestled in a year. The Last time the Undertaker wrestled was in last years Wrestlemania. He went in 21-0 all-time in Wrestlemania, but came out 21-1 as Brock Lesner became the first to defeat the dead man at the WWE's most high profile PPV. At that point we all thought that the Undertaker had retired and it was also thought that the loss would mean that he wouldn't feel obligated to keep wrestling at Wrestlemania because of the streak. Well now the streak is over and Bray Wyatt has coaxed him out to have another go on the grandest stage of all. Bray Wyatt is just like Undertaker in the fact that both men have a very dark side to their persona. Bray Wyatt is an evil beast that will do anything he can to win a match and is very hard to prepare for because you don't know what he will throw at you. Not knowing what to expect in this match is what makes it so great. I have no clue here except knowing that is should be a grear battle between two demented souls and i will say that it will be the Undertaker that comes out on top. He couldn't lose two in a row at Wrestlemania, could he?   PREDICTION: The Undertaker

Singles Match--- Sting (1/7)  vs  Triple H (7/2)

Finally Sting has come to WWE. There has been years of speculation of this and it has finally happened. Sting first made his presence known back at Survivor series, when he helped Team Cena beat Team Authority, which in turn put the Authority out of power for a couple of months. Since then Sting has been popping up here and there and really sticking it to the Authority at crucial times. now here on the grandest stage of them all he will make his in ring Debut in the WWE. Sting at one point was the face of the ill-fated WCW, which had to shut it's doors because they just couldn't compete with the WWE. In this match sting is fighting for respect as, while Triple H is fighting to make sure that Sting hasn't come back to try and take over the company and to put the final nail in the coffin of the WCW. This match is 14 years in the making and it should be a great one and a very physical one. Can Sting get some redemption for WCW or will Triple H write the final chapter of this once rival faction? The way i see it is that Sting will redeem himself and the WCW with a big win over Triple H here. This may be the match that I am most excited to see. PREDICTION: Sting 

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match--- Roman Reigns (5/6)  vs  Brock Lesner (5/6)

The odds are very even for this match and with good reason because no one knows what to expect right now. A week ago it was pretty much set in stone that Roman would win the Title because Brock was looking to head back to MMA. Well just a few day ago he signed a multi-year deal to stay with WWE, closing the door forever on MMA. No with him staying it is pretty much up in the air whether he will lose in this one or not. That really makes it more exciting in my book. The WWE can be very predictable at times, but this is not one of those times. The WWE fans are not happy though as Roman is in this title game, while Daniel Bryan is not. I sttil feel that they want to make sure that DB can last for a while before they give him the title back. I'm sure he will get a shot again, but for now it is Roman's show and he really earned it by taking out 29 other superstars in the Royal rumble and then needing to beat DB last month at Fastlane to get here. It is a shame for Roman that the fans boo him, because theri was a time when they cheered like hell for him. It's just that they like Daniel Bryan better. Oh well I like Roman and I feel that he has what it takes to beat the beast incarnate, Brock Lesner. Brock is as tough as they come and this will be one hell of a war, but he has held on to the belt long enough now and that has me expecting the WWE to go with their original plans and have him take the belt here. Now having said that there is always the possibility that Roman or Brock will win it only to have Seth Rollins come down to cash in his briefcase. So much could happen in this match and it is the unknown that really does make it more exciting. Still I feel that it is time for Roman to shine here. PREDICTION: Roman Reigns   

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