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WWE Wrestlemania 30 Predictions, Start Time

This year the New Orleans' Mercedes-Benz Superdome will host the greatest event in sports entertainment, Wrestlemania 30. The event will take place on Sunday April 6 and has a start time of 7:00 pm (Est). You can view the event on PPV or on the WWE Network. Below I have the odds, writeup and prediction for each match.

This will be one of the more anticipated Wrestlemania events, that will include Hulk Hoga as the host, a 30 Man Battle Royal, the return of Triple H to the ring, The Undertaker going for 22-0 and a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Title. So let's take a look at the full card. 

Wrestlemania Pre-Show 4-Way Tag Title Match -- The Usos (1/6),  The Real Americans (11/3),  Rybaxel (12/1)  &  Los Matadores (16/1)

This will be the Wrestlemania Pre-Show even and it can be seen on Youtube at 6:30 pn (Est). Rybaxel and the Real Americans helped Kane take out the Shield a few weeks ago so they were given a shot at the tag title. Ryback and Curtis Axel are a formidable team but they just haven't been pilling up the wins at as, while Los Matadores seems more like comic relief for much of their time in the ring. This match will come down to the Usos and the Real Americans. Zeb Colter has a very good team, in the Real Americans, but there has been tension in the team and that may boil over in this match. Cesaro has become a fan favorite and this just could be the match that the Real Americans split. Because of that tension I just can not see them overtaking the Usos for the Tag Titles. PREDICTION: The Usos retain their titles.  

The Andre The Giant Memorial 30-Man Battle Royal--- Alexander Rusev (6/4),  Big Show (3/1) Shaemus (11/2),  Dolph Ziggler (12/1), Big E Langston (14/1), Mark Henry (16/1),  The Miz (18/1), Cody Rhodes (20/1), Alberto Del Rio (20/1),  Christian (25/1), Goldust (33/1),  Rey Mysterio (33/1),  Fandango (33/1), Titus O'Neil (40/1),  Kofi Kingston (50/1), Darren Young (50/1), The Great Kahli (66/1), Damien Sandow (66/1),  Justin Gabriel (100/1),  R-Truth (100/1),  Zach Ryder (100/1), Jinder Mahal (100/1),  Brad Maddoz (100/1),  Brodus Clay (100/1),  Drew McIntyre (100/1),  Heath Slater (100/1),  Sin Cara (100/1)  and Santino Marella (100/1).  (3 Mystery Participants)

This is the first Annual Andre The Giant Battle Royal and it looks as if it will be a permanent fixture of Wrestlemania.  Predicting a battle royal winner can be as there are so many involved in it. The obvious choice would be The Big Show as he is the closest resemblance to Andre The Giant, but that is too obvious. Mark Henry never wins these and the Great Kahli is just in there for show. Big E already is a title holder so I don't expect him. I feel it will come down to Rusev, Shaemus and Ziggler, or maybe on of the mystery participants (who I have no clue are). My gut tells me it will be Rusev. They have been building this guy up for month now and winning the Battle Royal will be a good indoctrination for him.PREDICTION: Alexander Rusev    

Vicky Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational--- AJ Lee (1/4), Tamina Snuka (7/2),  Nikki Bella (9/1),  Emma (12/1),  Naomi (12/1),  Brie Bella (14/1), Summer Rae (18/1),  Eva Marie (20/1),  Natalya (25/1),  Cameron (50/1),  Layla (66/1),  Rosa Mendes (66/1),  Alicia Fox (66/1),  Askana (66/1).

It is still unclear the stipulation for the Event, but Im sure it will be epic. AJ Lee has been the Divas Champ for almost 300 days, but in this match she will be going up against 13 other Divas for the Title. Really there are only a few that I see winning this one, including AJ Lee, Tamina, Nikki Bella, Naomi and possibly Natalya. In the end though I think the best chance is for Tamina to take this opportunity to get away from AJ by taking the title from her. There has been growing tensions between the two and I say they implode in this event. Having said that the Bellas always have a trick up their sleves and Naomi has been on a roll of late as well, but I will go with my gut and and it says Tamina. PREDICTION: Tamina Snuka

Singles Match--- Daniel Bryan (1/25)  vs  Triple H (7/1) 

This is one that I just can't wait to see and it has been building for months. It really all started with HHH repeatedly screwing Daniel Bryan out of Title shots, because HHH said that he wasn't A-Card material. FDaniel Bryan has since developed the Yes Movement and on an episode of Raw, He and his Yes Movers hijacked the ring, forcing Triple H to agree to a match with Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. The two have had their moment beating the hell out of each other and now they will get it on in the ring for real. As added incentive for this match, the winner will then go be added to the WWE World Heavyweight title triple threat match. I really have to expect Daniel Bryan to win this one, cause if he is held out of another title shot then the fans might revolt for real. It could get ugly. Still this should be a very exciting match, but I just don't see HHH taking this one. PREDICTION: Daniel Bryan  

Singles Match--- John Cena (2/1)  vs Bray Wyatt  (2/9)

This one has been building for a while as the Wyatts continued to interfere with John Cena title matches and now they have made it more personal, attacking his character and legacy. Bray Wyatt is a dark and sinister man that has really gotten into the head of John Cena, but last week on Raw John Cena got a measure of revenge with a mind game of his own, as he showed up unexpectedly in a robe with the Wyatts having no clue it was him till it was too late. Can Cena clear his head enough to take out the demented Wyatt. Even more, can he deal with the fans booing him and cheering the Wyatts? I would love for Cena to win here as I am a big fan of his, but I just think that Bray will come out the winner here, with possibly some outside help from his two cohorts. PREDICTION: Bray Wyatt 

Singles Match--- Undertaker (1/100)  vs  Brock Lesner (14/1)

This one will be an all out war as the Beast Incarnate looks to end the Undertakers streak at Wrestlemania, which now stands at 21-0. The Undertake has had many memorable matches during his streak, but Brock Lesner may be the most feared opponent he has had during the streak. This match came about when Lesner was not included in the Title match, so he and Haymen came out with an open challenge that was answered by the Undertaker. Lesner is a beast that just likes to go out an hurt people and he will be taking on an opponent that is up there in years and just may not be able to endure the kind of physical match that Lesner will bring. Still having said that I feel that this will be an incredible match, and at the end of the day the Undertaker will be 22-0 at Wrestlemania. PREDICTION: Undertaker  

6 Man Tag Match--- The Shield (1/10)  vs Kane & The New Age Outlaws  (5/1)

This match came about a few weeks ago when Kane wanted the Shield to exact some punishment on Jerry "The King" Lawler for his alleged involvement in Daniel Bryan's hijacking a Raw the previous week. The Shield then turned on Kane instead of Jerry and stated that they take orders from no one. Then the Shield were involved in a Fatal-4 way tag match and the other 3 teams all ended up ganging up on them. Kane came out and so did the New Age Outlaws and decimated the Shield like we have never seen before.  That sets the stage for this grudge match and i just cannot see the Shield losing this one. This one will be fun to watch. PREDICTION: The Shield

WWE World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match---  Batista (8/1) vs Randy Orton (18/1)  vs Either Daniel Bryan (1/18) or Triple H (16/1).

Batista won the Royal Rumble and was immediately put in to the Title game at Wrestlemania. He was to face who ever was champ heading into Wrestlemania, but thanks to Daniel Bryan's hijacking of raw one night, it has now become a triple threat match, as the winner of the Daniel Bryan/ HHH match earlier in the evening will enter this match as the 3rd participant. Daniel Bryan is listed as the favorite for this match and isn't even officially in it yet. He must beat HHH in order to be in it and I feel he will do just that. Batista came back to be the Champ, but the fans haven't really taken to his return as most would have expected. He has become hated and its mainly due to the fact that he took a spot in the Rumble that most thought should go to DB and then winning the Rumble infuriated the fans even more. Orton has been champ for a while now, but he has been one of the quietest champs that I can remember. Hardly much talk about him at all in this match ans I don't see him retaining here. The Yes movement is in full swing and I feel that Daniel will beat HHH and then finish an amazing Wrestlemania night for himself by walking out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. PREDICTION: Daniel Bryan  

Many thanks to Cageside Seats & for providing the info needed for this article.  

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