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WWE Tables, Ladder, Chairs... and Stairs Start Time, Odds Predictions

Tonight the WWE will present their TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs... and Stairs pay-per-view. The event will take place at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio and has a start time of 8:00 pm (Eastern). TLC:Tables, Ladders, Chairs... and Stairs will be televised on the WWE Network and PPV. Odds and predictions for each match are below.

Tag Team Championship:  Damien Mizdow & The Miz  (2/7)  vs  The Usos  (9/4)

It was a long climb for the Usos, but they had finally grabbed the Tag Title belts and held it for a very long time before losing them to Gold and Stardust. Then the team of the Miz and his stunt double Damien Mizdow won the belts for Gold & Stardust at Survivor Series. The Uso'snow have a shot to get them back after winning Tag Team Turmoil a few weeks back on Raw. Now the Usos want it back. A couple of side story line for this one. First is the fact that Mizdow has become a fan favorite, while the Miz is not. Will that play apart in this one? He has to be getting upset at the Miz hogging all the glory for everything, including holding both tag belts and taking Mizdow's Slammy that he won on Monday night Raw. The other storyline is that the Miz has been in contact with Jimmy Uso's Wife Naomi trying to get her into Hollywood. Jimmy is not pleased and has caused conflict between he and Naomi. What part will she play? One thing I do know is that with the high flying of the Usos and the Antics of Mizdow, this will be a very entertaining match. It is also a tough one for me to call with all the outside activity that might happen, but I do expect Miz and Mizdow to hold on to the belts just a bit longer. PREDICTION: The Miz and Mizdow.

Chairs Match: Ryback  (1/9)  vs Kane  (5/1)

Well in this match we have two of the more destructive forces in the WWE and the WWE decided to make them more destructive by putting chairs in the hands. This one could be wild. At Survivor Series Team Cena beat team Authority, which ended the Authority's power in the WWE. Ryback was heavily recruited by both sides and decided to join team Cena. Well a few matches have been spawn from Survivor Series and this is one of them. Ryback had some time off before coming back to WWE and when he left he was a heel, but the WWE need a big powerhouse to be a face as they were lacking on the side of the faces and so Ryback got the call to do so. Kane has been both heel and face many times in his career and is now part of what is left of the authority. This should be a brutal match between two guys that really don't like reach other and while Kane is tough I just don't see him coming out on top vs the Big Guy. Ryback is just a bit tougher. PREDICTION: Ryback

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match:  Dolph Ziggler  (4/6) vs  Luke Harper  (11/10)

No pinfalls or submissions in this one, as they winner is the one who climbs the ladder and grabs the belt that is hanging above the ring. This little rivalry started when Dolph lost his IC belt to Luke Harper just prior to Survivor Series. Ya see Ziggler was the first to join Team Cena and the Authority didn't like that so they put him in tough match after tough match to try and break him and get him to leave team Cena. Well he didn't give in and the tool of matches finally caught up to him and Luke took his belt. Now he has a chance to get it back in a match that he may excel in, especially with his quickness. That will be key here. If he can use his quickness and avoid Luke hitting him with a ladder too many ties then he should be able to win his belt back. Im not sure that will happen though as I see a Harper vs Rowan match for the belt on the horizon. I could be wrong but we will see. Still it should be an exciting match. PREDICTION: Luke Harper

United States Title Match:  Rusev  (1/18)  vs  Jack Swagger  (7/1)

This is part 3 of this series as the two have met at Battleground and Summer Slam, with Rusev winning both times. Not sure if this time will be much different as I am still expecting Rusev to face the Rock sometime soon and be undefeated at that time. While I would love to see that match, I always want someone to shut this Russian up sometime soon. Rusev is a beast and very technically sound, but I feel that swagger can match his strength and Swagger may also have the edge in intensity, plus we add in the fact that Kolters's leg was broken by Rusev (supposedly). Talk about all the motivation and emotional edges that Swagger will have for this one. Still you can't win on that alone and something still tells me that Rusev's undefeated streak will go on a bit longer. I hope not but we will see in what should be the most intense match of the night. PREDICTION: Rusev

Steel Stairs Match:  Erick Rowan  (8/15)  vs  Big Show  (11/8)

This is the first ever stairs match in the history of the WWE, where these two monsters get to beat the hell out of each other with the steel stairs that surround the ring. These two don't have much of a history against each other, but problems did arise between the two when the Big Show turned traitor on Team Cena at Survivor Series and it was further fueled when Rowan came out the next night on Raw and sent Big Show packing. On the Next Raw the two then started using the stairs against each other, which prompted the first ever Stairs match. I'm not sure that this will be a thrilling match at all, but there could be some fun and in the end I expect Rowan to come out on top. PREDICTION: Erick Rowan   


Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match:  Bray Wyatt  (4/7)  vs  Dean Ambrose  (5/4)

This is a rematch of a great battle that these two had at Survivor Series. Bray won that match by DQ when Dean brought a chair into the match, which has now prompted this match. Both of these wrestlers are brutal guys and also seem to have a PHD in screwing with peoples minds. No one will get the edge in the mind game department in this one. The Lunatic Fringe is one of the more popular wrestlers in the WWE, but with Reigns coming back soon and Daniel Bryan's return in the near future as well, how long will Dean stay near the top? There is no denying his talent, but could a heel turn becoming soon for him. Not sure, but the rumors are out there. Obviously it won't happen tonight, but if a heel turn is coming then a losing streak should be imminent for him. I have a feel that they are gonna really start building up Bray Wyatt for some big and that has me looking at him in this one. Bray & Dean will put on a great show tonight in what should be a downright brutal match. This is one Im really excited about seeing, but since I expect the Eater of Worlds to come out on top I probably won't be so excited about the outcome. PREDICTION: Bray Wyatt    

Divas Championship Match:  Nikki Bella  (1/3)  vs  AJ Lee  (2/1)

Well it's not Paige vs AJ, but it will do. Nikki Bella is the current Divas Champion, but AJ Lee was just named Diva of the year on last week's Raw Slammy Awards Show. Nikki Bella took the Divas Title from AJ Lee at Survivor series and all AJ has thought about since then is getting here baby back (The Title Belt). Nikki has been a decent title holder so far and she continues to be more and more vicious each time she wrestles. That makes her very dangerous and Im not sure that AJ has that viciousness to match Nikki in that respect. Let's also remember that Nikki has her sister Brie in her corner, which also works in Nikki's favor. I do expect at some point that Brie will turn on her sister and that could set up sister vs sister for the Divas title and that is just another reason to expect Nikki to win this one. PREDICTION: Nikki Bella

Tables Match:  John Cena  (1/6)  vs  Seth Rollins  (7/2)

no Pinfalls or submissions in this one. All you have to do is be put through a table to lose. This one should be fun and it comes with a stipulation that states that if John Cena loses this match then he will no longer be the number 1 contender for Brock Lesner's WWE World Heavyweight Title. As a Cena fan that scares me a bit because Im not sure the WWE really wants another Cena vs Lesner match, especially with the return of Reigns looming. Still this will be an exciting match between two guy that just don't like each other. The feud between these two dates back to the days of the Shield and was fueled even more when Rollins cost Cena the WWE Title vs Brock Lesner in the last match the two had. Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that Teams Cena beat Team Authority, led by Rollins, last month at Survivor Series. Seth is still the Money in the Bank Contract holder and is the future of the WWE, but to become the Face of the WWE you have to beat the Face of the WWE and Im just not sure that Rollins can do that here. PREDICTION: John Cena    

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